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Reviews for A New Friend


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2018/01/31 - 01:49

purpleygirl (Signed )2: A New Friend - original version
Fascinating to see the difference between the original and your shorter version. Personally I prefer the shorter one, but that's not to say your original wasn't just as good - only that you can say much more between the lines, and I think you achieved that beautifully because it's clear you put in a lot of time making every word count (for the word count :-) ).
I know how Snape must have felt - the end made my heart go "twang" too.

Author's Response: thank you so much for your kind words!  i do think the spareness of the final version has a certain appeal.  really, so many of those words weren't strictly speaking necessary.  there was only one thing that bothered me at the time with the tight word count, and reading it now, it didn't bother me nearly as much, so it can't have been that bad.

and snupin always makes my heart go 'twang,' lol.  :D
2013/10/02 - 10:50

anoesis (Signed )2: A New Friend - original version
Aw, I think those extra 68 words were rather nice, myself! Shame about the pesky word count.

Author's Response: thank you!  i missed those words when i had to cut them - fortunately i could post the original here so they were not lost.  usually, i just cut and don't keep the original - so silly - but this time i had a little more sense.
2013/05/24 - 07:23

anoesis (Signed )1: A New Friend
Can you imagine how differently things might have been had this been his introduction to Hogwarts? Reading on...

Author's Response: i know it's not canon, but i like to imagine this might have actually happened - i could totally see lily introducing them.
2013/05/24 - 07:22

phoenix (Signed )2: A New Friend - original version
I know how hard it is to hit 100 words and that sacrifices must be made. Thank you for sharing the original version. Those words added some lovely little nuances.

Author's Response: i did miss some of the little nuances i had to cut out, though i was mostly happy with the short version.  there was one thing that i couldn't really get satisfactory in the shorter version, but probably nobody but me minds it, lol. 
2013/05/21 - 18:35

phoenix (Signed )1: A New Friend
That's a very wonderful little piece and could open the door to something much longer, but still feels fulfilling.

Author's Response: thanks.  i like to think they might have had some friendly times together before everything fell apart.  :)
2013/05/21 - 18:34

HBAR (Signed )2: A New Friend - original version
Aww ... A nice glimpse into things before they became complicated.

Author's Response: i like to imagine there might have been something like this before it all became what we saw in the books.  thanks for stopping by.  :)
2013/05/08 - 15:12

mick42 (Signed )2: A New Friend - original version
Even better in the longer version. Thank you.

Author's Response: thank you!  i appreciate your reading and reviewing both versions.  i liked the longer one better, too - curse those word limits!  :D
2012/07/17 - 01:36

mick42 (Signed )1: A New Friend
I wish it had happend like that. Lovely thank you.

Author's Response: who knows, it might have.  one of the reasons it's fun to play around with these characters at this age is there's so much we don't know.  i like to think that something like this might have happened.  i've also written a few snape/lily things that i like to imagine happened, to give him a few pleasant memories ...  thanks for the pretty flower!  :D
2012/07/17 - 01:28

sunny33 (Signed )2: A New Friend - original version
That's a good idea, posting the full version as well. :)

Author's Response: thanks.  i think i managed to keep everything that was really essential, but i did think it might be interesting to some people out there to see how the editing went.  :D

2012/07/13 - 17:57

snitchette (Signed )2: A New Friend - original version
Lovely first meeting!

Author's Response: thank you - i thought so!  thanks for reading and reviewing, hon.
2012/07/13 - 00:49


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