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Reviews for The Filius Files, Part 1: Christmas Celebration


mick42 (Signed )1: Christmas Celebration
I love Severus and Filius together. This was no exception, from the fariy/ angel , to Severus' note it was lovely. P.S. I still don't get why Severus was staggering. 

Author's Response: In the middle of the night, drunk Filius decides to spread some Christmas cheer in you nice, cosy dungeon. Of course that will have you staggering like you've downed a bottle of Ogden's finest! TThank you for the lovely review and I'm so glad you like them together. 
2015/01/10 - 12:10

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )1: Christmas Celebration
lol. This. Was. Awesome! I'd be happy to get drunk with Filius, he sounds like a happy drink, and quite funny too. loved the part about him jabbing the wand into snape's nose and starting a nose bleed.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked my little CHristmas tale!

2015/01/04 - 22:29

phoenix (Signed )1: Christmas Celebration
Oh nothing like a drunk babbling. I loved the while thing from the drunkeness to the fairy to the discussion with Severus to the friendly moment at the end.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I enjoyed writing this immensely so I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for reading and reviewing.
2013/05/25 - 23:16

ozarkmoon (Signed )1: Christmas Celebration
Oh, lovely P.S. on the note!

Author's Response: I think Filius might go easier on the punch next year, don't you? Thank you!
2013/04/13 - 20:36

MlleGigi (Signed )1: Christmas Celebration
Hee hee hee!  Poor Filius...but I'm glad Severus has a friend like him (even though Severus likes to pretend that he doesn't need anyone).

Author's Response: Poor Filius indeed :). And Filius, for me, seems like someone Severus would end up being friends with ... But that is me and since I like them both so much I might be a bit biased. Thank you for reading and reviewing.
2012/12/10 - 17:44

KingPig (Signed )1: Christmas Celebration
LOL, this is *so* adorable! Gods, I love your Filius, he is just as I always imagined him to be, and I just want to snuggle him. So cute, so sweet, and so funny!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so happy you think so. I love Filius so much and I really want to do him justice when I write, so this means a lot to me.
2012/05/16 - 23:05

June W (Signed )1: Christmas Celebration
Red Medusa.... Now you know, by firsthand experience, how it serves Wizardkind.

Ouch! Poor Filius. And yes, I completely agree that Fred and George would have been perfect in Slytherin.  Thanks for writing!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading! And woudn't they? Fred and Gerge as Slytherins ... I'm not sure I want to follow through on that thought ... ;)
2012/05/16 - 01:54

moiramountain (Signed )1: Christmas Celebration
I love stories of these two as true friends and in my AU, once Severus heals from the bite, he and his wise and diminuitive friend live a long and happy life of mutual respect and acceptance.  This is a wonderful tale - I look forward to much more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Somehow the two of them fit so well, don't they?
2012/05/15 - 23:35

MuseAmusant (Signed )1: Christmas Celebration
Severus is certainly smart enough to have been a Ravenclaw, but the Slytherin sneakiness is definitely there too. In spades.

Poor Filius! Gag reflex, indeed.

Author's Response:  And maybe even Filius realised that in the end ... as you said: Gag reflex, indeed. *snickers*
2012/05/15 - 18:04

MsTree (Signed )1: Christmas Celebration
*snicker* From the comments, I would guess this is Christmas 1991. Love the empirical evidence Filius presents as to why the Sorting Hat is not working properly. ^_^

Author's Response: Quite right. It is, indeed Christmas 1991. And Filius just detest that horrid Sorting Hat that just keeps placing all the interesting students in the wrong house, ergo, not his house.Thank you for reading!
2012/05/15 - 16:33


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