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Reviews for Babbity Git

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breastlady (Signed )5: Part Five
What was there not to absolutely love about this last chapter?  It was packed so full it could have been more than one chapter. I loved Hermione discovering Severus was alive. I love how each of the girls is able to use their gifts to fight the bad guys. I like how the grown ups trust the kids to help. I love your island and you discriptions were perfect so tha I could picture the battle of the island in my head just fine. I love Severus and I love Hermione. It was cute, humorous, sweet and entertaining.  Thank you for a really fun read.  
2015/10/30 - 17:24

breastlady (Signed )3: Part Three
Ahhhhh, she's not gonna die. She'd aready be very sick. Severus would be too sad and he'd be stuck with having to get the girls to Austrailia.  I'm sure you'll work this out.  
2015/10/27 - 19:53

breastlady (Signed )2: Part Two
She's really asking for it!!!!! I do hope she didn't pour his fire whisky out. He deserves some comforts in this life. They don't seem to be managing the post war troubles very well back at home. Sounds like they only have one wizard that can make a portkey. I'm not confident in his comarad's at arms back home ability to handle their (Snapes or their own)problems. People starve on these atolles. I hope they find her bead bag. I like that bag. I think it would be better if Severus came clean to Hermione and she could help him. Expecially if they find her reference books. He is going to have to take a Navy approach to this situation and be the Captin. She needs to respect his authority. This is serious. 
2015/10/25 - 15:33

breastlady (Signed )1: Part One
Quite enjoyable and educational. I'm getting up dated on my brit slang and foods we don't generally have across the pond. He seems happy enough and only a little lonely. I think he could use some femenin company, don't you?  I confess I've not seen the movie mentioned in the review on live journal. 
2015/10/25 - 14:25

mick42 (Signed )1: Part One
I am very happy to be able to revisit this wonderful story, for the tenth anniversary of TPP. Thank you again for a great read.
2015/10/14 - 22:06

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