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Reviews for Hermione and Xenophilius' Winter's Tale

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MHaydn (Signed )7: The Duplicity of the Intimatus Tam Curse

Forgot to rate.  How embarrassing.

Author's Response: Dearest MHaydn, thank you so much--the stars aren't necessary, having you read and share your observations is the highest rating/gift you can give--but like wine, chocolates or flowers, the considerate, extra gift of stars is also deeply appreciated
2016/06/25 - 17:31

MHaydn (Signed )7: The Duplicity of the Intimatus Tam Curse


The duality of things.

Saving her children may require murder.

Xeno's journeys into necromancy may give Hermione back her life.

The symbols and their power can be used for good or evil.

It might be that the thoroughly Gryffindor Weasleys do not understand, may not be able to cope with, the dark side of doing great good.  In canon, Hermione, a secret Ravenclaw, made the deep transgressions: polyjuice potion, time travel, Rita Skeeter - transgressions that required intelligence and skill, as did Xeno's.  Poetically, one might say, she and the Lovegoods were the ones tortured.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for continuing to read and for your insightful review/feedback!

Always more than one side to a story going on, and neither Xeno's nor Hermione's paths have been smooth in life; yes, the Weasley's may be struggling with respecting a hands-off approach and not deter Hermione (absolutely Ravenclaw ascendancy) from something they might find difficult to support or stay mum about. She and Xeno are able to recognise and understand more objectively the cause and effect of happenings and that not all what is entailed is either all dark or light, etc. Absolutely agree with your poetically attributed observation--it does seem both had been greatly misunderstood and not always tolerated during their lives. Thank you again for your feedback--so happy to know & have feedback about what is coming across-- truly, deeply appreciate it! 
2016/06/25 - 17:25

MHaydn (Signed )6: A Sanctuary of Trust


Molly and Arthur have a strange reaction toward someone who has just rescued their grandchild.  What are they not telling Hermione about Xeno?  Hermione must dissemble to gain their approval. 

Hermione arrives at the Garden of Eden, but it is the garden after evil has manifested itself – illicit beasts, ambiguous symbols.  Hermione on his cloak is subtle eroticism. 

Xeno is almost an anti dark-stranger-of-romance-novels with his doubts and guilt. 

Hermione is only partially truthful with Xeno.  If she ever comes under his spell, she hasn’t yet.  In fact, she is hiding her thoughts and motives from everyone.  She either doesn’t trust them or doesn’t want to put them in danger.    

For his part, Xeno is more attached to his lost wife than attracted to Hermione.  In most magic tales, necromancy is considered a dark deed.  It remains to be seen how this will play out.


Author's Response: More about what Arthur knows (and Molly suspects/speculates) about Xeno soon, apart from his deed in saving Hugo. Xeno is wrestling with many uncertainties, as is Hermione.

Love your keen insight into all--the issues of trust and non-endangerment of others are key to Hermione and her dilemmas, as she seeks to be in control yet is and will be in a situation in which she needs help, beyond relying solely on  herself, etc.

Both Xeno and Hermione are a bit stuck in the rut, remaining in the same, perhaps negative, situation in life with regards to each one's attachment to their lost significant other in their lives and their identity and feelings entwined with them. Different views of necromancy will slowly be revealed as the vital core of this tale--thank you for your review and feedback of what is coming across, truly, deeply appreciate it! 
2015/11/06 - 23:41

MHaydn (Signed )5: Dreams, Arithmancy & Runes

Omigosh, the reader needs to take notes to do an adequate review of this chapter.

Hermione and Xeno connect not only to each other but through her children.  Her in-laws are grateful to him.

Hermione's negligence at the river can be explained by noting that if she had her magic, there would have been no problem.

I assume the future narrative will unfold Xeno's past and the significance of the runes.  There is still a possibility that these will be connected to Hermione's problems with Malfoy.

This story could stand alone.  Malfoy is a familiar character; government unable to prosecute the rich and powerful is observable in everyday life; the lone heroine is someone readers can relate to; the brave husband killed in the line of duty occurs everywhere; a witch temporarily losing her magic is an acceptable theme; a powerful matriarch like Molly is believable: a strange wizard about whom the heroine has initial doubts is plausible; and mysterious runes and objects whose meaning and significance is to be revealed is a solid plot line.  One difference is that the fans in this realm already have an emotional connection with the heroine.

The story reminds me of 'The Witch World' series by Andre Norton.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much for reading and the detailed feedback and observations--truly appreciate it! Yes, Xeno's past and more on the runes, their meaning(s) intertwined in the narrative, in the next and future chapters. I've realized how much I live under a rock (or in a cave as some point out) and/or in a time warp, completely out of so many literary loops (past and present)--again, embarrassed (but excited) to confess that I've never read any of 'The Witch World' series by Andre Norton--another huge good grief! But it's been put on my list, and next salary, I'm going to hit the book shops big time! Thank you for the references (The Witch World and Journey of the West, etc.), I'm looking forward to reading them and broadening my horizons!:-)

Again. thank you for taking the time and giving so much detailed feedback--it's helping me get out of my own muddled-mindedness and clarifying what is coming across
2014/09/02 - 00:15

MHaydn (Signed )4: Of Tempests Past and Present

Another captivating chapter.  Xeno is revealed as a fatherly and grandfatherly character, but a sexy one it seems.  I confess ignorance about questers and deathly hallows but perhaps this becomes the focus of the tale, not Malfoy - or the two become linked.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the read and review, MHaydn, truly appreciate your continued interest and observations! Given the longevity of wizards/witches, and the common canon acceptance of them having children early (late teens or so), imho, Xeno is quite in his prime even as a young grandfather (I think he's even a year or so younger than Snape, who was only 38 when he died in canon, etc.?), and imho sexuality and/or awareness of it in all of its forms is ageless, just a part of being alive, regardless the age, etc.--realizing that I'm coming across as quite the hedonist--lol!--best stop here, and so yes, Hermione and Xeno are becoming aware of each other on various levels. As always:-) you are spot on: Questers, Deathly Hallows & Malfoy are linked, slowly but surely... The ending is finished, but I've been in desperate need of quality time to focus back on this tale, and real life hasn't allowed that, but I've been connecting and filling in the outline here and there as I can--I digress! Thank you again for reading!
2014/09/01 - 22:32

MHaydn (Signed )3: Of Miracles and Mulishness

For contrary opinion.  A Deus ex Mechina, although a welcome one, until Xeno offers an explanation of his presence.  And what is Hermione doing not watching her children as they swim in a river?  I haven't read volume 7, but was Xeno's betrayal an attempt to save his daughter?  A parent doing anything to save their child has a special place in canon.  Is Hermione's not forgiving Xeno related to her prosecution of Malfoy?

No matter: It's the story that counts, not a reader's musings.

Well written and intense.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for continuing to read and the review! Xeno will explain a bit later his true reason for being there; he'll need more reassurance that she will understand--this moment in the story not being the best time for him to reveal it, as she has her guard up and is on edge already. Trying to depict one of those false security moments parents (or anyone) might have, believing that the children understand that wading in the water means just that--wading above your ankles not your knees, etc., and all it takes is a second or so to turn one's attention to something else, such as looking innocently at the clouds, for horrible, life-threatening accidents to occur. Yes, exactly, to sum up a long story--lol!-- in HP7, Xeno didn't know if his daughter was dead or alive, and he was in an extreme state... Don't want to spoil everything for you with more details in case you plan to read it. Generally speaking, Hermione understood but was heavily influenced by Ron's vehement opinions against Xeno. A reader's musing is a wonderful, creative, stimulating force, so thank you for all of the questions--Hermione forgiving, or not, Xeno will be intertwined with her dealings with Malfoy on various, different levels--thank you again, truly appreciate it!
2014/09/01 - 21:54

MHaydn (Signed )2: A Matter of Statutes

Another emotionally intense chapter.  It appears most of the government has been corrupted into non-action.  Malfoy's active involvement in the fray, such as at the battle in the department of mysteries, is unusual for a rich aristocrat since they prefer to operate behind the scenes by using henchmen.  Perhaps his intense hatred overwhelms his caution.  Does a campaign against Malfoy comprise the winter tale?

MHaydn's response:
Feeling foolish that I didn't mention Malfoy's curse.  It strikes me as being more subtle than Malfoy usually is.  Does this mean it's more deadly than we realize?

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Always appreciate your insight and observations! Yes, I was approaching the wizarding goverment and legal system in an ineffective, ambiguous fluctuating state--perfect for corruption galore to thrive. Also wanted to explore an extreme Malfoy with very noxious ideas and goals in this tale, so he'll probably be coming across very one-levelled due to his intense hatred--an additional, more personal reason/motive on top of his previous upbringing and supremacist mentality will be revealed later. Absolutely, you're spot on, his subtle curse will take root, derive nourish, and strengthen, deeper and darker. Yes, for a rich aristocrat, he strikes me as an exception to the rule, with almost a compulsive need to get dirty at times  Truly appreciate your feedback, thanks again!
2014/09/01 - 19:50

MHaydn (Signed )1: Back to The Burrow

Written in a literary manner.  Wondering if her raging grief will turn into cold fury.  Will going back to the Burrow impede or aid her recovery?  Or will it be a place to deposit the children as she embarks on some path?  (Excuse my analytical bent.)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and for the review--please, nothing to be excused, I love your analytical bent as it always stimulates me to reflect further about things, so I truly, truly appreciate you taking the time to read and leave feedback and raise questions! The cold fury is definitely a possibility to be unleashed in the future, The Burrow and surrounding area will be a place for healing in this tale as well as the children being an inseparable part of her existence--thank you again!
2014/09/01 - 18:55

mick42 (Signed )4: Of Tempests Past and Present
Perhaps Hermione will feel a little more comfortable now that Molly has arrived. I can't wait to find out about "questers''  

Author's Response: Yes, Molly and Arthur will help dispell some of her discomfit and soon help her understand some things about Xeno; more on questers soon!:-) Thank you!
2013/05/31 - 19:22

mick42 (Signed )3: Of Miracles and Mulishness
So god to see Hermione slowly opening up to life again, Xenophillus seems to be a little shy, but has a calming influence on the children at least. 

Author's Response: Thank you! It takes time, but Hermione's slowly able to relate outside of her grief step by step; Xeno has his reasons for being a bit hesitant around her, but with the children he can be more hands-on, no history with them, just a kind open heart:-)
2013/05/31 - 18:54

mick42 (Signed )2: A Matter of Statutes
Yes Hermione, never was there a truer word spoken.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and the feedback! Truly appreciate it! And I agree with Hermione, imho, the true canon Malfoy is the lowest of the low--thank you again for reading!
2013/05/31 - 17:31

mick42 (Signed )1: Back to The Burrow
A very grim start. I have never seen this pairing before, so I will be interested to see where you take them.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading, know it's a very rare pairing, and I really appreciate you taking the time (and risk--lol!) to read it--thank you so much for your kind, supportive feedback!
2013/05/31 - 17:19

hexgirl (Signed )4: Of Tempests Past and Present
Lovely chapter. I love your description of the oncoming storm and the severity of the weather which prompted Xeno to conjur up the make-shift mobile shelter - what a great idea.

You really capture his character which is fairly two dimensional in canon, but you are fleshing it out beautifully and giving him more depth and sensitivity, rather than just pure eccentricity. 

The moment with the wands was surprising and a lovely moment; I'm very interested to know the significance of what happened. One thing is for sure, there is a connection between them.

I really do enjoy the way you are writing these two. 

Author's Response: Dearest hexgirl, thank you so much for the lovely feedback and I'm so happy that you're enjoying how I'm depicting these two and how they are slowly being brought together. I always think of the Lovegoods as naturalist and perhaps more closer and aware of mother nature more so even than other wizards - lol! - so I wanted to bring in the natural elements a bit and how Xeno would react/respond to things. Glad you liked the wand moment--it's significance is coming up soon--in the next chapter!:-) The banner is just *inspirational* and I blush everytime I look at Xeno in it - hahaha! So your Hermione/Xeno love art work is spurring my Muse on -- thank you!!
2012/10/05 - 12:26

joyfulheart (Signed )4: Of Tempests Past and Present
Oh, a rare pair. I am really enjoying this. You've captured Zeno so well. He is such a wonderfully whimsical character even if he did almost betray Harry. After all he did it out of the love of his daughter, who of us would have done differently?
I'm looking forward to seeing a relationship between the two develop and to see how you do it.

Author's Response: Joyfulheart, thank you so much for reading and for the lovely, thoughtful feedback--truly appreciate it! Absolutely agree with you--who of us would have done differently?--this is a large premise for Xeno in this story, and I wanted to explore this aspect of him more... Thank you again for reading a rare pair, and I'm so happy that you're enjoying it; so glad that Xeno and Hermione are coming across as intended -- thanks, again!
2012/10/02 - 15:25

hexgirl (Signed )3: Of Miracles and Mulishness
Great chapter; it began in hopelessness and ended on such an optimistic note. 

I love the introduction of Xenophillius, he is so as I imgine him to be: kind,  eccentric and yet capable. Now ithink of it, he is the polar opposite to Lucius Malfoy, not only in character but in what he represents to Hermione by his timely actions. Lucius brought death, Xenophillius brought life. 

Your descriptions of Hermione's despair and grief always touch me--they are so palpable and raw, so i am happy for her to have met someone who I have a feeling could be her salvation.

But this Lucius curse: I'm worried about it. I have a feeling there may be more to it. Will those Malfoys ever get their comeuppance? I know how Hermione feels when she sobs, "Nothing's changed". Except, perhaps now it will for Hermione.
Great stuff!

Author's Response: Dearest hexgirl, thank you so much for your incredible, insightful and generous review--you'll never quite know how much I appreciate your support (for all of my madcap thingys)!  I'm so happy that Xeno is coming across the way intended; you've pegged him exactly as I see as well: 'kind, eccentric and yet capable'-- I also am squeeing because LM and XL also are polar oposites to me as JKR depicted them, though similar in some physical aspects, and as well as both being 'purebloods' but absolutely polar opposites! Also on the their upbringing & child-rasing skills - LOL! How profoundly you've summed up their whole essence: Lucius=death, Xeno=life! (Did I ever mention I think we were separated at birth, you're my missing twin? Kidnapped by the Pirates of Caribbean and left in the other land - I think I have - lol!)

I needed to bring the story back to Hermione's despair and grief for a few minutes, but now she shall move forward from it--slowly but surely!:-)

Right as always, there's more to the Lucius' curse, and Xeno will be included, as well as his own darkness/burdens paralizing him, etc. Again, squeeing & thanking you for 'getting' me and leaving some Hermione/Xeno love! xx

hexgirl's response:  Yay! I'm so glad that fanfiction has reunited what Jack Sparrow tried to separate :) (Though he did promise he'd come back for me and so far, I'm stuck here in rainy land).

I'm loving the Hermione/Xeno love so much you've inspired me to make some fanart.
2012/08/09 - 01:03

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