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Reviews for A Witch's Birthday

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loreen77 (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
Sad and sweet.

Author's Response: And a tad dark. I really hope my shrink doesn't read on TPP.
2017/06/27 - 04:59

MayavanavihariniHarini (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
Hi again! Loved the gradual change in Sev's attitude towards the unnamed lady. Wait, he becomes a...a...a GHOST???? Well, tbh, he does have a few vague similarities with the Baron (for instance, they both share a dark, brooding nature and a don't-you-dare-mess-with-me attitude)... hmm hmm, you got me thinking!

Author's Response: Nice to see you again! :-) I've written a whole story with Severus being a ghost, as the idea tickled my muse so much! It was good fun... and heartbreaking at the same time.

MayavanavihariniHarini's response: Am off to check it out.
2016/09/17 - 09:07

mick42 (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
At least there was some love in his life,and he will wait for her to join him.

Author's Response: He will most certainly wait for her, and we must cross our fingers that they will be happy in the afterlife. 
Thank you so much for reading and leaving a note! It's always nice to have someone read my old stories.
2013/10/21 - 06:50

debjunk (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
So sad.   At least they ahd some happiness before the end. 

Author's Response: I tend to write awfully sad stuff... 
Sorry for the late reply. It does not normally take me that long, but RL has been crazy. Hopefully back on track now and soon back to fan fic.
2012/11/20 - 09:56

Jolene_Wawr (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
This was simply beautiful and very sad simultaneously. I love it. 

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, sweetie.
2011/11/22 - 10:08

HBAR (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
This was sad, but at least they had a bit of time together. I liked that it was a no-name witch.  Lovely.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reading and taking the time to leave your thoughts. I am very glad you liked the little story.
2011/10/27 - 21:15

nagandsev (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
Wonderful! Love the *everywoman/witch* persona but at the same time she's uniquely *unique* & special and an equal solitaire soul as our dearest Severus is... Love your slow build - year by year - of their interactions, and of course, love the vision of him having had someone & some affection/tenderness in his life: beautiful, moving comapact one-shot: lovely, poignant work as always!

Author's Response: Thanks, sweetie. Your words are very much appreciated!
2011/10/27 - 05:44

snapesbeatrice (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
Blue eyes, eh? Hmm, that rules out Hermione.

Such a excruciatingly long courtship, and such a devastatingly short time together. It's a beautiful story. Thanks for writing and posting it.

Author's Response: Oh yes, blue eyes rule out Hermione. That ship doesn't sail my oceans, sorry. Glad you like the little story anyway :-)
2011/10/26 - 20:42

Memory (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
I must admit that, for the snarky little pest you are, you write these touching pieces even too well. I am always ready to surrender to the emotions that you evoke.
Beautiful story and beautiful feelings. The more we age, the more we are surrounded by the ghosts of those we've met, known, loved. Even if they are still alive but no longer living with us or near us, memories are like quiet ghosts.
I am an old, emotional Italian, you know?
Grazie per averci regalato un'altra piccola parte di te.

However, I have a very private thought about this story that I can't share here. But if you want, I can send you a PM.

Author's Response: Snarky little pest, eh? I think I'll print that on a t-shirt! And you know that your PMs are always welcome.
2011/10/25 - 11:56

salvamea (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
que triste.

he is there, around her, but no way to be together again.
So sad, that they hadn't been granted more time together.
well, hard decision, but she might be right.
Staying in his quartes is all fine,  but it would sooner or later madden her,  to be so close to one beloved, and never get him back. Rather face the music and leave. Keep him in your heart, but end the story.

Author's Response: Those we love will never truly leave us. For better or worse. Thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts.
2011/10/25 - 10:11

Rose of the West (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
Aw... poor thing.  I'm glad she has her memories to draw from and that he's there to wish her well even if he doesn't do so directly.

Author's Response: Wonder if I'll ever learn how to be nice to my characters.
2011/10/25 - 07:43

quaffswinegaily (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
This is bittersweet. It's lovely to think Severus had some support and happiness in his final years. It's sad for his partner who is left behind, but he obvioulsy cared enough for her to want her happiness in the end, though sad for him to lose her.

Author's Response: I told my friends that I had a fanfic relapse. Seems like I had a bittersweet relapse as well. Glad you liked it. Thanks for reading and reviewing.
2011/10/24 - 23:45

sinbad (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
How sad, but why would Severus be a ghost?  He was a brave man so he likely wasn't afraid to cross over.  

Author's Response: Unfinished business? Maybe he couldn't leave before she had let go off him?
2011/10/24 - 18:37

sunny33 (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
I like the way you don't give her a name.  Just a little comfort for him over those last years.:)

Author's Response: Someone just asked me if I am too lazy to come up with names for my OCs :P But I think it doesn't matter who she is. She was there to give him some comfort and is now a symbol for all the ones who have lost someone they loved. 
Thanks for reading and reviewing. Menas a lot!
2011/10/24 - 18:07

hexgirl (Signed )1: A Witch's Birthday
I know it's sad for her, whoever she may be, but I find the idea that Severus had someone to share the misery of his last horrific year, comforting. It's a much pleasanter thought than the fate Ms Rowling had for him. This was tender, painful and poignant. And you still managed to evoke a smile with the little glimpse at his flitration with Ms X.


Author's Response: Glad you liked it! I, too, find it comforting to know that there was someone around for Snape during the last year especially.
2011/10/24 - 15:27

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