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Reviews for 'Twas the Month Before Christmas

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roni0811 (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
lovely fic- love it!!
2017/11/03 - 06:41

loreen77 (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
Well done. 
2017/06/03 - 08:05

HBAR (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
This was both silly and a bit heartwarming.  I can't help but think it needs some fan art, you know?
2015/06/21 - 22:41

EverMystique (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
LOL. Severus as the skinniest Santa ever. Love the plot.

2009/02/24 - 19:13

kyriaofdelphi (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
Very delightful. Good plot and characterisation. Enjoyed a lot.
2009/01/23 - 21:10

snitchette (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
Making a woman laugh has always been a good way to said womans' heart. I can't just stop from gigling imagining Snape in Santa's clothes.
2008/10/05 - 07:27

StormySkize (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
I rather enjoyed that! I was pleased to see the lengths Severus would go to in his quest to make Ginny smile.

This was lovely.
2008/06/23 - 19:19

Arabella Bloodgood (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
I don't usually go with this pairing but I really liked this fic.  Awesome work.

2008/04/10 - 12:13

sailorscout_k (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas

2007/10/28 - 10:26

togspled (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
i dont think i've ever read a GW/SS story. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it. Love the last lines about santa's lap. better hope he doesnt have a candy cane in his pockjet!
2006/12/18 - 11:31

Bentwaters (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
What a great, fun bit of "silliness"!  I loved it!!  Snape & Ginny are not my preferred ship, but when it's done well it's always a delightful ride - and this, of course, was done EXTREMELY well. Especially if you had that much fun writing it.   Thanks for sharing!!
2006/12/12 - 05:47

harmony_bites (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
Aww this is a pairing I rarely see and together with (even if early) Christmas cheer it's irresistable.

Author's Response: You know it's funny, some SS/HG folks are fine with that pairing but squicked by a Ginny/Severus fic because "she's too young."  She's only a year younger than Hermione! :D  I rather like the thought of that pairing, Ginny's one tough cookie. 

Thanks!  :)

2006/10/28 - 12:11

kimilynn (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
Good story...  Definitely keeps up the expectations I have for a PlaidPooka story.  I liked the characterizations of Severus and Ginny.  Nicely done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!  I had a great time writing this one.  It was one of my favorite challenges.  :)
2006/08/07 - 06:41

KarenDetroit (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
I need insulin, stat! That was disgustingly sweet. I can barely stand SSHG, don't start anyrthing worse, please!

Author's Response: Lol!  That was a Potion Master's Muse challenge, and I admit that I had way too much fun writing it. :D  But I don't really see SS/GW as any "worse" than SS/HG.
2006/07/01 - 18:18

Cat Feral (Signed )1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas
Even though this seems to end with some Snape/Ginny, (and I'm afraid to even ask what THAT ship is called!) I enjoyed it. Snape going to the lengths he did to make Ginny laugh was touching. I especially liked that you were able to give Snape a heart without turning him into Fluffy!Snape. That's not easy! Well done!

Author's Response: Hmmmm...what would you call that pairing?  GingerSnap?  *snicker*  I know it's an odd pairing, but it was great fun to write.  I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the kind review!
2006/01/26 - 22:43

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