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Reviews for Coffee?

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mick42 (Signed )1: Coffee?
I love the way that you have matched the coffee to each personality, and you have caught Luna beautifully, she always could see beneath the surface,better than most.
2013/01/03 - 23:15

Bettina (Signed )1: Coffee?
Those are exactly the ways coffee tastes to a tea-drinker. Brilliant!
Yes, Luna's lips might taste as divine as her tea, Severus! 
2012/09/04 - 04:12

HermioneJeanSnape (Signed )1: Coffee?
Oh, that is a brilliant ending. I find it a little silly to have everyone flirting with him so, though.
2011/09/20 - 16:01

Mazzy (Signed )1: Coffee?
Very cute and exactly the intuitiveness I'd expect from Luna. :)
2011/09/18 - 19:55

braye27 (Signed )1: Coffee?
Luna always sees the things that others miss.  I'm glad to see that she "sees" Severus so well.

Pomona's brew made me laugh.
2011/09/18 - 09:11

HBAR (Signed )1: Coffee?
I enjoyed all of the descriptions of the coffees, and the staff member who goes with each, but I think Pomona's was my favorite.  Gave me a good laugh.

And lovely Luna ... she is always so perceptive about things.  The last line was great!  Nice job.
2011/09/17 - 21:36

itchyfoot (Signed )1: Coffee?
Wonder why he only wanted his female coworkers' opinions.  Well, I think he found what he wanted now.
2011/09/17 - 17:08

ofankoma (Signed )1: Coffee?
She hears beyond the veil and recognises Harry through Polyjuice - of course Luna would be the one to know what Severus really likes! (And coffee with a paper umbrella? Now THAT'S quite the image!)
2011/09/17 - 05:38

sweetflag (Anonymous )1: Coffee?
What a lovely piece... so smooth and elegant.  The ending was a nice twist on many levels: how often do we seek perfection in something we think we should enjoy but actually, secretly, we don't.
2011/09/17 - 05:28

nagandsev (Signed )1: Coffee?
Love all of the descriptions of the staff members, but Severus being smitten by lovely Luna takes the cake  -- love the ending - HA! Of course Luna knows! Lovely work!
2011/09/17 - 02:15

quaffswinegaily (Signed )1: Coffee?
Trust Luna to get it right.
2011/09/17 - 00:24

sunny33 (Signed )1: Coffee?
Yes!  Who wants stinky old coffee anyway? :)
2011/09/16 - 23:52

debjunk (Signed )1: Coffee?
~Snort~  Leave it to Luna!
2011/09/16 - 21:50

peppermint (Signed )1: Coffee?
*giggle* Trust Luna to flip him on his ear with tea and her own beguiling presence.  Just charming :)
2011/09/16 - 21:34

kittylefish (Signed )1: Coffee?
lol.  lovely twist at the end.  :D
2011/09/16 - 19:09

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