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Reviews for Familiar Magic


mick42 (Signed )1: Familiar Magic
The new visual helped, { I had to look him up too } the pairing was unusual but Crooks helped it work, got to love that cat. the Ron bashing was epic!

Author's Response: Crooks is amazing!
2016/01/02 - 06:55

AuntieL (Signed )1: Familiar Magic
Loved it! I really liked the concept of the voucher, and that it would appear when needed... and the magical shunning... and I always love the idea of compatible magic.

Author's Response: Thank you!  Don't cats/kneazles always seem to show up when they are needed?  They certainly have magic all their own.
2011/10/04 - 07:45

snitchette (Signed )1: Familiar Magic

It's a very unusual pairing but it's seems to work well enough. Of course Crooksie is there (so to speak) to make sure everything will be alright. Nice job!

Author's Response: That was what jamies_lady wanted, so that is what I wrote.  Thanks!
2011/09/29 - 05:02

Gardengirl (Signed )1: Familiar Magic
I really, really enjoyed this fic! It was clever, original, and fresh - I haven't been so engrossed in a story for ages. Thanks so much for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you for the wonderful review!
2011/09/28 - 20:54

MsTree (Signed )1: Familiar Magic
How cute! I like your version of the Slytherins and the Weasleys' family magic. "Partner in crime" seems to fit the Kneazles, doesn't it? *grin* Your grade: Exceeds Expectations. ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you!
2011/09/28 - 19:52

Sampdoria (Signed )1: Familiar Magic
I just love this story and its delishious Ron-bashing. No doubt it was written by a Master:-))

Author's Response: Thank you!
2011/09/28 - 17:09

moiramountain (Signed )1: Familiar Magic
Fun story - and Joacim?  Well damn, doesn't he look as though he just stepped off a Norse dragon ship??  Yummy.

Author's Response: Too true.  A good match for Marcus.
2011/09/28 - 14:55

MuseAmusant (Signed )1: Familiar Magic

Definitely one of my favorites of your stories, Blue! I love how Crooks is still looking out for his mistress, even when he's gone to where all good, loving kitties go one day. I have to admit, though, I would dearly love to know what sort of family magic Arthur unleashed on 'Ronald the Red Bum'.

Author's Response: Arthur can be scary (those quiet, good-natured ones usually are when they lose it) and he wouldn't tell me.  Thanks so much!  jamies_lady gave me a great prompt.
2011/09/28 - 10:09

Severus49 (Signed )1: Familiar Magic
I am so not a cat-person, but would it be okay to be a kneazle-person? This was delightful to read!

Author's Response: The kneazles are happy to claim you.  Thank you!
2011/09/28 - 09:25

jamies_lady (Signed )1: Familiar Magic
still loving it, no matter how many times I read it...

Author's Response: Thank you!  It was a great prompt and I'm glad I did it justice for you.
2011/09/28 - 09:04


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