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Reviews for The Transformation of a Scottish Lioness

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Mellyrian (Signed )8: Medical Expertise
The way you portray Minerva and Albus make them beautifully  real. I'm also curious how Moody is going to personally develop through this story. He's so young and different than his older self, but that's how we all started out before life took us. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! The next chapter is in the works, but due to traveling during the holidays, it may take some time. Thank you so much for reading and responding with your review. I hope you enjoy reading about my interpretation of these characters as much as I enjoy writing them.

2016/01/01 - 17:45

ctc123 (Signed )8: Medical Expertise
please send me notice when you post another chapt!

Author's Response:

If you follow the story, or favorite it, I think on this site, you will get an automatic alert to your email when its updated.


Thank you for reading! Merry Christmas.


2015/12/19 - 16:13

ctc123 (Signed )3: Ghosts and Folded Parchment

Author's Response: Thank you.
2015/12/19 - 14:41

MMADfan (Signed )7: The Hospital-Wing
As I don't think it would be quite fair for me to guess the RaM-nod (or nods), I'll just say that I smiled at them!

Of all the things that struck me in this chapter, one that stood out particularly on this reading was a parallel that, for some reason, I hadn't originally noticed on first reading. In many ways, Dippet's treatment of Riddle mirrors Dumbledore's later treatment of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Granted, Black was "privileged," but he was disowned, but Lupin, who would have paid most heavily for a prank that Sirius had planned, was disadvantaged. Whatever the true story was behind either attack, each Headmaster was concerned to protect students who had in-built disadvantages. There are, of course, larger differences between the two victims here -- McGonagall and Snape -- but in each case, the Headmaster of the time considered the actual damage to be minimal, and -- though Dippet was very mistaken with regard to Minerva -- each was seen as having contributed to the situation in which they found themselves.

The similarities and differences in the two cases could be really interesting to discuss.

Once more, I really like your Merrythought. Can't say I'm any more fond of Dippet, but I do understand him better, and I can appreciate Merrythought's affection for him.

I'm glad to see you're still writing this story!

Author's Response:

No that wouldn't be fair!  But our Hufflepuff buddy, Stefdarlin, got it, so 10 points to Hufflepuff, I'm proud to say.

You know, I never thought about that connection, between Dippet and Riddle and Dumbledore and Black/Potter, but its a good analogy ... and something I can see happening - leadership is difficult in the best of cases and nobody ever makes all the right decisions, no matter how good their intentions are, and that is what I was trying to convey.

I'm glad that you got a better feeling about Dippet, as that is what I was trying to relay with this chapter, about WHY he made the decision he made, and his mindset, even if I disagree with it.

I'm glad you still like my Glalatea - she's become rather dear to me as well.

I too, am happy to be writing again, and I do love getting all your reviews! It makes me grin to know someone else is interested in these crazy yarns that spool around in my noggin.

2013/08/08 - 16:14

Stefdarlin (Signed )7: The Hospital-Wing
Hmmm, I like your portrayal of Merrythought in this.  I really like her.  And I hate the way Dippet is downplaying how he should have punished Tom.  What is even more infuriating is his consideration of severly punishing poor Alastor for something far less offensive.  O_o  
Also, I am not sure if this is your nod, but I found this sentence made me think of Resolving a Misunderstanding: “How may Gibber serve Master Dumbledore’s Miss?” he asked tentatively, rolling his feet and standing upon his toes in anticipation. Minerva found him utterly adorable but didn’t want to insult the elf by doting on him. She couldn’t help but grin.
I always loved how Wilspy referred to Minerva with Albus, lol.  And it was so endearing.  I hope Alastor and Slughorn are all right.  I am wondering how Horace's potion got away from him, poor bloke.
I am looking forward to more.=o)

Author's Response:

Stef, what is your professed house? You got it! *nods* Bullseye - it was a quote from Wilspy ... I can't help it, I seem to do it without even realizing ... taking tidbits from Squibstress or MMADfan .. so I have to give credit where its due. (you might have guessed, but I'm a bit of a raving fan of theirs)

Ah ... Horace's potion didn't get away from him ... it was an errant student who blew up his potion ... it happens ... ever take high school chemistry? (Horace was trying to get to the student before he added the wrong ingredient - thus, he got the worst of it)

Its a wonder more schools are not burned down, though some of the more exciting experiments are no longer allowed. I will never forget setting a huge balloon of hydrogen on fire once in the chemistry department in college ... I have a wee fascination for fire ... Oops!

Ahhh ... I'm glad you appreciate all the issues the teachers/heads have to deal with in the school ... even if you don't agree with their methods, but they do have to weigh a lot out - and if you at least got that much (even if you don't appreciate Dippet's resolution or even his justification) I am glad because that was my intention - to show that dealing out judgment is complicated.

(Dippet is one of the more challenging characters to write, for me - I am trying to tie up a lot of ideas into him, which is probably not fair to the poor fella, but I have some stereotype personas to work with - such as the left-over Victorian era mindset, as well as loyalty, which I hope I've shown he has, as well as some personal bias and perhaps a bit of over confidence in his wisdom, which as we all know, leads to pride, and pride is always a problem - over all I like him but, I don't intend for him to be a simple character - which makes him harder to write - but challenges are fun! )

Do you too like Merrythought? YAY! I have to admit, I like her lots!

Stefdarlin's response: I am a Hufflepuff, proud and true.  =o)  
I also admit I love MMADfan.  I miss her.  I haven't spoken to her in a while.  She has beta'd several things for me, and I wrote a story for her for the CR Christmas exchange one year.  I have been on a sort of hiatus and have just recently been getting back into the fandom.  
My writing wasn't on hiatus, because I kept doing that, just no posting.  Life has been crazy.
I can see what you are saying about Dippet.  He does seem complex.  For a moment I thought he and Merrythought might be together, and for some reason, that excited me,lol.
Sigh.  Oh, well.

Author's Response:

Hufflepuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I loves me some BADGERS! *does a dance* Badger Badger!!! Hufflepuff is actually my favorite house, but I was sorted Gryffie ... remember that pride issue I mentioned? Yeah ... that's me - so I couldn't be more thrilled to give the Badgers 10 fat points! WOO HOO!

Badger badger!! All hail Proff Sprout and the Bumblebee House! I love Hufflepuff!

Just drop MMADfan a line, she's around and I'm sure she understands life. We all have one, after all.

Merrythought and Dippet together? Well they are, I mean they've been close friends for half a century, and, though I didn't explain this fully in the story, but Dippet was Head of Hufflepuff and Deputy Head when Merrythought was a student, remember how he was telling her that she was his favorite student? Kind of similar to what Minerva is to Albus, at the moment? And while Merrythought went on with the aurors, she came back to teaching - so they are together in a way, just not romantically. Sorry ... they both be married to other people. But they are both badgers and have a long history of friendship.

2013/07/31 - 21:58

Squibstress (Signed )7: The Hospital-Wing
I love the interaction between Merrythought and Dippet here--it feels authentic: a long-term friendship that includes both affection and annoyance.
It really is infuriating that Dippet doesn't take what happened more seriously--it's depressingly realistic.
And I think Albus will be quite pleased with how Gibber cared for his protegee!
Nice chapter!

Author's Response:

Thank you kindly.

I much agree about Dippet here ... its believable and often seen that people who think they are doing the best for all involved, really aren't, and are often blinded by some very serious abuses going on right under their noses.

Glad you got that feeling about Merrythought and Dippet - that is exactly what I was trying to convey.

We shall have to see what Albus thinks about Gibber! Or if he even notices.

2013/07/31 - 20:15

Stefdarlin (Signed )4: The Hardships of Leadership
Ahh, who can blame Moody for being angry.  Though I do understand why Minerva decided not to tell him everything.  I can well imagine what Riddle did to make her that scared. Huh.  *smh*

Author's Response:

You will have to translate 'smh' ... I don't think I'm familiar with that language.

OH yeah! I can relate to Moody here ... smug Minerva and keeping secrets and ... you have to admit, she does act a bit uppity ... *shrugs* women ...

Stefdarlin's response: *smh* means shaking my head.  I had to ask my husband what it meant when I kept seeing it on facebook.  I suppose I was showing my age there, lol.  

Author's Response: Hrm .... I usually ask my teenage daughter these things ... and yes, I know what you mean about age ... I be aaancient! I not even know texting lingo! Egads!
2013/07/29 - 21:51

Stefdarlin (Signed )3: Ghosts and Folded Parchment
<--is what I came up with for dear Alastor.  They need a *facepalm* icon, lol.  I like the way Albus was excited over Minerva's wee note, lol.  That was very true to character and cute. =o)  I also agree with Minerva that Nick is acting a bit strange.  *Shudder*  On my way to the next chapter. 

Author's Response:

Wow! You're on marathon reading tonight!

I know!  Facepalm smiley for Alastor ... can you imagine? Insert foot, bite down ... yeesh!

Time to hide under the table and pray for an earth quake, me thinks.

2013/07/29 - 21:30

Stefdarlin (Signed )2: Sanctuary
Aww... at least the last bit made me want to say that. =o) 
Otherwise, I am totally wondering why Minerva didn't want to inform her parents?  That seems a bit odd.  Tom needs a bit of his own medicine, I think.  Grrr!
Albus was quite the gentleman.  And I loved the way she said her father rationalized her mum's magic. =o)
Nice chapter.

Author's Response:

Thank you!

This chapter's idea is what spawned the whole story idea, well actually the little Celtic song.

Glad you enjoyed it, and hopefully soon, Minerva will be able to explain why she wants to keep this event so private.

Of course Albus is a gentleman! *nods*

2013/07/29 - 20:54

Stefdarlin (Signed )1: Hazards of Dueling
Hmm, interesting start.  I am thinking Horace either knows more than he is letting on, or he is hiding something.  With all that Dumbledore pointed out of Minerva's character, it is a wonder that Slughorn wouldn't try to collect her.  But then, I doubt she would let him.
Tom got what he deserved as far as I am concerned.   I feel bad for Minerva, but I am glad Albus is going to explain, and he is in her corner.  YAY! 
I may take a bit to review the next chapter as I need to get my next in the queue.  But it will be my next break. =o)

Author's Response:

Hey! Thanks for dropping a review for my yarn and glad you enjoyed it - and while I can't answer questions as for why certain folk are doing certain things, it will all come out in the wash, as they say.

2013/07/29 - 18:20

HogwartsDuo (Signed )6: Forgiveness and Pain
I offer my sincerest apologies for my lack of reviewing promptly. Real life has thrown me several nasty curve balls and it's been a chore to do much of anything because of a lack of motivation and time.

I really enjoyed this chapter. I am soooo very glad that Alastor was able to crunch Tom's nose. He deserves a lot worse, if you ask me. I'd like to have seen him beaten to a pulp, but then that's my protective nature kicking in. lol But he had it coming to him for sure.

I hope you're steadily working on the next chapter of the story and I promise to review it promptly when I get the alert!

Keep up the great work!!

Author's Response:

Fourty seven lashes with a wet noodle!

If you are negligent of reviewing - then I am certainly negligent in writing! And besides, I don't remember any contracts we drew up mandating you reviewing anything, you silly!  And so, you have nothing to apologize for! I loved your review - and I too loved that Alastor crunched Tom's nose - no worries, I share your desires on Tom getting pulverized.

I have recently gotten the bug to get back into Lioness - I'll readily admit I hit a road block - wheelbarrel of reasons for that - but regardless - the next chapter is in the works. Thank you so much for stopping by!

2012/09/10 - 11:48

MMADfan (Signed )6: Forgiveness and Pain
Wow, Riddle is showing his true colors here, and they ain't purty ones!

I'm glad that Alastor had some grit, but it's a pity that TR was so nasty. Why is he not expelled?

Anyway, I loved Merrythought in this chapter. I know she's a secondary character to the others, but I think she's my favorite so far here. Not that I don't love the others, too -- and you know my affection for Minerva & Albus (especially when they're together) -- but I really like the way that you've developed Merrythought's character, especially since she was hardly more than a name in canon.

Alumno was an interesting character, too, and it's nice to see a mediwitch getting some time, and having a lot of spunk, as well.

I can scarcely wait to find out what Minerva does, and how she manages to help Alastor. Of course, I will be patient, or try to be! (And who am I to talk about getting new chapters out -- I don't think I've updated any of my WIPs in months, after all!)

¡Esperando pacientemente -- y con entusiasmo!

(I love languages!)

Author's Response: Wooo Hoooo! I had actually forgotten about our dear characcters - so glad you reminded me of their existance!

I'm glad you enjoy Merrythought - she's fun and will figure in the story well into the future - hopefully, as is Madam Alumno - as well as her spice - hehe.

I know - I really feel bad for Alastor here - and you will see soon why Riddle isn't expelled - or at least, I hope it will seem plausible why he wasn't expelled - you'll have to let me know if its too weak or not.

I seriously need to get back to fleshing out Lioness.

Thanks so much for all your help and your reviews!

Author's Response: And I'm not entirely sure if I'm tickled that you really love Merrythought, or if I'm worried that your favorites aren't Albus and Minerva - so I guess I'll just be glad you like our Galatea.

MMADfan's response: I think that Riddle needs a really, really, really strong dose of alum. Like, it might clean him out a bit. Nah, that probably wouldn't help. But it would be fun!

MMADfan's response: Just be tickled that I like Galatea! I mean, I was prepared to love Albus & Minerva, and I do, so it's just a wonderful extra to get another great character there, and one that you're making your own, more or less.

Author's Response:  Woo Hoo!
2012/08/13 - 17:38

MMADfan (Signed )5: McGonagalls and Quidditch
Buwahahaha! An attack owl! hee!

I enjoyed the bits of humor throughout this chapter very much, and I liked the perspective we have in this chapter.

It was great to meet some of Minerva's family, and I enjoyed the Quidditch match.

However, even with the humor in the chapter, and the excitement of the Quidditch match, we see that the seriousness of the war impinges on Hogwarts' daily life -- or at least on Dumbledore's life.

I enjoyed seeing Galatea again. I like your depiction of her. I hope we see more of her!

I'm really liking this version of Minerva's youth and coming-of-age. I look forward to more!

Author's Response: Coming from you, that's quite a compliment! Thank you, Madam! *bows*

MMADfan's response: Well, as you might guess, I do have a bit of appreciation for Minerva McGonagall stories! And I really do love seeing her older brother and young Amelia here. It gives some depth to her background. It seems she has a neat family.

BTW, how do you like writing about Quidditch? I know you've written a bit with Quidditch in previous chapters, but I think (if memory serves me!) that this is the first game we've seen. I find it kind of a challenge to write Quidditch matches, though I think that the little bit I've done has come out okay. I liked yours here. Did you have fun writing it, or was it torture, or something in between?

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked Marcus and Amelia *grins* and I'm sure the irony isn't lost on you. *winks* Marcus is going to be a fun character to write, I think, and Amelia will be a challenge, being that she's a little Motzart.

You know, I enjoyed writing the Quidditch match - it reminded me of my baseball years and how quick everything happens - sometimes everything slows down as the adrenaline pumps and its amazing how much action happens in just a few short seconds. I hope I was able to describe the action of the match in a believable way - as well as keeping it entertaining and not too long winded.

I've always felt that fast action sports, team sports especially, teach people how to react quickly and build confidence in their decisions - I think sports will make most people more decisive - make it easier for them to make a decision in that split second when so many people would balk - and that in turn can help them in combat situations - should they be thrust into such events.

Author's Response: *coughs* Mozart (my bad)

MMADfan's response: I thought it its timing was good -- enjoyable, didn't drag, but was detailed enough to envision what was happening. A pity that Albus had to leave before the end!

Author's Response: I know! He missed some amazing saves by Alastor and some serious broom zooming by Sara and Minerva! Poor guy!

I'm glad the pace seemed good to you - I was happy with the match, over all, I felt it fit well into the chapter and didn't overshadow the conversation that was taking place in the stands - which, of course, was the main focus of the chapter.

2012/04/15 - 19:08

Bettina (Signed )5: McGonagalls and Quidditch
Yeah! They won. Excellent game and a perfect explanation as to why the adult Minerva enthuses so much over the sport.
Now someone please get that poor boy a better broom!

BTW I'm expecting Augusta (the later Longbottom) to be in the student body; will we meet her? A few others come to my mind, too. 

Author's Response: No plans at all for Augusta - hate to dissapoint you. I feel I've already bitten off quite a bit to gnaw on, with all the canon side characters and the OC's I've got lined up - my "resources" file for Lioness is already over 60 some pages of background info on obscure characters - eegads!

Yes - Darwin is desperatly hoping to somehow, aquire a decent broom - or better yet - upgrade all the Gryffindor House brooms - for one reason or another the house brooms are deplorable.

Thanks so much for reviewing!  Wheee!

Bettina's response: WOW, you do a thorough bookkeeping, then. I use a spreadsheet, and yes, data accumulates in breathtaking speed, so I can sympathise.

Author's Response: Out of curiosity, I read up on Augusta - what an exciting woman! I can see why she inspires you! Thanks for bringing her to my attention - like I said, I have no plans for her ATM, however, she's one of those kinds of characters that I enjoy knowing more about - a real lion heart. Bravery is awesome!
2012/04/02 - 05:15

Bettina (Signed )1: Hazards of Dueling
A very promissing start! The setup is very much as I imagine it. Yes, these two would definitely get into a fight!
I had a discussion once that M.McG can have been so distant to Ginny (in ChoS) because she was sexually attacked by the same wizard in her own youth.

Author's Response: Hrm.... well... my tae on Minerva and Tom's relationship, or what ever you wish to call it, time in school - is not from canon - its purely made up - but I could easily see Tom Riddle being a predator in his school days - we already know he was from Dumbledore's memories of him when he was only 10 or 11 - so... its no stretch to see him going after others - and being that he's a recruiter - I think he'd have a special interest in someone like Minerva - she's incredibly powerful - and for either want to dominate her or gain her loyalty, I think he'd be interested.
2012/03/28 - 14:28

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