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Reviews for Liner Notes


GryffKat (Signed )1: "Two Kings" by White Fort
Hey Fawkes! I will def check out the CD. I can appreciate the journey you have taken with this music. Thanks so much for sharing the story. I will keep hope alive for Fair Exchanges, too! Maybe someday... He is a hottie and you are too! Cheers, GryffKat

Author's Response: Thanks!  I'm currently buried in trying to get them played on the radio, and taking Russian... but someday I do want to finish Fair Ex.

2011/09/05 - 20:52

Severus49 (Signed )1: "Two Kings" by White Fort
*snort!* Oh, what we looked like back then! The guys could probably get away looking like that today, but us girls? No way. Though, my hub graduated in '84 and when I met him he looked like Nerd Boy in his big brown plastic-framed glasses!

I don't mind being fat now, because at least NOW I'm stylish! LOL!

Author's Response: LOL, are you kidding?  This was Siberia and he had BLUE JEANS on!  That was a major hot commodity.  I think he had the only pair of jeans in Irkutsk. 

I had no excuses for my oversize 80's glasses that make me look like a Venn diagram, however. ;-)
2011/08/02 - 09:57

HBAR (Signed )1: "Two Kings" by White Fort
Hey, you.  I just noted in the featured members of TPP project on Facebook, LJ etc,   that you were killing me by leaving Fair Exchanges -my earliest memory of my foray into SS/HG and the thing that brought me to TPP- unfinished.  And here you are.  I say that because as long as you are still alive and kicking, there is still a chance for resolution to that story :)

Thanks for sharing your liner note.  What a great story!  I am a believer that all things are meant to be, sometimes for reasons unknown, but still, things happen as they should.  This sort of thing just illustrates that for me.  I loved that you never sent a note because if someone translated what you were saying, it would not come out perfect as you'd meant it, and it also meant sharing something too personal with another, regardless of whether or not you even knew the person.  I would feel that same way.

So thanks for the story.  This is an experience I would probably never have if you didn't share this.  And if you surface every so often, I will know that all hope is not lost on the fanfic front  :)

Author's Response: awwww, thanks, HBar.  Someday life will slow down enough for me to finish these stories, I just know it.  Maybe I'll break a leg or something, that would park me in front  of the computer AND keep me from sussing out new things to run off with. 

It's really been special for me to reunite with Tom after all this time.  We have a lot of trouble communicating--his English is not that great, and I never learned Russian, but I"m going to take it this fall at the local college.  But even with the language barrier, it has just been SO MUCH FUN to Skype with him.  The fact that he's still as gorgeous, if not more so, than he was at 17 helps.  Hee hee hee!

2011/07/29 - 14:51

Bettina (Signed )1: "Two Kings" by White Fort
thanks, Fawkes, for sharing this great experience with us. Me too I'd have been smitten by that guy!
I will look up the music when I've had some sleep.

Author's Response: Smitten is the perfect word.  Smitten and PWN'd.
2011/07/29 - 14:34


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