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Reviews for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Potosi


mick42 (Signed )1:
I love Luna and Draco together, so I hope Draco pulls his finger out soon.  

Author's Response:
In a variety of ways, Draco and Luna could be compatible although it would require some transformation from canon.  Being unfamiliar with the idiom, the first reaction was that he never got his finger in    .

If the reader is romantically inclined, Lucius and Draco are doing the best they can to recover from the minor tragedy of their missing the mark: being too gentlemenly and becoming friends with the girls.   
2016/05/29 - 07:40

nagandsev (Signed )1:
Evokes mirth and poignancy, caution and yearning, hesitation and contemplation--lovely, teasing and consuming vignettes with acutely keen banter

Author's Response:
Thank you.  It is a tale of two wizards still too shattered to connect the dots and realize too late the mistakes they've made.
2015/12/23 - 06:54

braye27 (Signed )1:
 I couldn't help smiling and laughing whille reading this.  I love the way the ladies conveyed their thoughts, and Luna cracked me up.  Well done.


Author's Response:

Thanks.  It was almost experimental fic.
2011/06/30 - 03:25

Amathya (Signed )1:
Loved this also, really great style! The character voices were great, as well. A treat to read.

Author's Response:

Thanks.  The narrative tried to be fast paced without losing the reader.
2011/06/19 - 11:14

HermioneWeasley1972 (Signed )1:
That was....interesting.  I had a good chuckle throughout and I enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

Author's Response:

Thanks.  It tried to present the wizard's point of view with their stumbling efforts and encounters.
2011/06/19 - 10:19

zanzi (Signed )1:
I love this! Draco and Lucius were just darling. I hope they get what's coming to them LOL!

Author's Response:

Thanks.  They're still putting their lives back together, but they got part of what's coming to them. 
2011/06/19 - 07:02

tenoh27 (Signed )1:
Poor guys.... hope they find what they want soon enough. ;)
Luna is hilarious...:)... Thanks so much!

Author's Response:
Well, they know what they don't want.  Luna is sharper here than in canon, but here, she wants someting.
2011/06/19 - 06:13


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