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Reviews for Catch a Falling Star


TalesOfSnape (Signed )5: Chapter Five
Gorgeously done from start to finish.
2013/06/13 - 21:10

sarahsezlove (Signed )5: Chapter Five
Bloody brilliant.
2012/08/20 - 02:31

gurlimargrethe (Signed )5: Chapter Five
great chapter. Severus is a difficult man, "sick" or not, hopefully Sirius and he will be happy with each other eventually

Author's Response: I'm sure they will be. Thanks for that. Scaranda
2011/04/23 - 11:43

gurlimargrethe (Signed )3: Chapter Three
a very fascinatint story, love the way you portrait all the characters. I hope Severus will find some kind of peace

Author's Response: Thanks for that. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. Scaranda.
2011/04/12 - 08:52

KingPig (Signed )2: Chapter Two
I hope Hermione can help heal Snape...

Author's Response: Oh, I've not replied to this. Sorry! Thanks so much for dropping a line. Scaranda
2011/04/12 - 08:48

KingPig (Signed )3: Chapter Three
Oooo this is such a fascinating read! I love how in-character Sirius is, and though normally I cannot stand him (in canon or in fanfic), you've portrayed him here in a way that seems so real. I want to hate him, I want to believe he is this uncaring out of spite and malice – but you show that he is not. He doesn't seem to understand that he hurts others, and in that lies a sort of innocence... And I feel I can't hate him for something he doesn't understand.

I hope that makes sense. Bottom line: I love this story, I love how you write, I love how you portray the characters, and I cannot wait for an update! (Please, please let someone come forth and help Severus!)

Author's Response: Thanks so much, KingPig. I know just what you mean. I have a kind of love/hate relationship with Sirius Black too. I kind of got the Snape/Black bug a long time ago, just after Prisoner of Azkaban was published, in fact, and it's never quite left me, despite the fact that Black seemed to a thoroughly unlikeable character later in the books.
Thanks so much for your comment. Scaranda
2011/04/12 - 08:46

steelyblue (Signed )1: Chapter One
Hi Scaranda. I rememeber reading this on another archive a long time ago and loving it. Its still as dark and compelling now. From Steel

Author's Response: Hi Steel. Good memory! That was quite some time ago. I hope you enjoy reading it again. Scar
2011/04/08 - 04:26

moiramountain (Signed )1: Chapter One

Such a dark and terrible love.... I cannot help but follow...

Author's Response: Thanks for that. I hope you enjoy the rest. Scar
2011/04/07 - 19:03


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