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Reviews for Anything


chivalric (Signed )1: Anything
Ha! Found it! Glad it is up and thanks for posting this sweet little fic, dear. And - happy easter!

Author's Response: i hope you had a happy easter, too.  i originally typed that as 'eater' which is an appropriate descriptor for my behavior today.  ;)

so glad you enjoyed this bit of fluff.  thanks for the review.  :D

2011/04/24 - 02:17

Owlbait (Signed )1: Anything
Heh. Seeing as this is Severus, 'anything' might involve cleaning out the cauldon and doing all the chopping and stirring for the next batch :-)

Author's Response: lol.  you are quite right about that, of course.  at least, if he'll trust remus to do the chopping and stirring.  ;D
2011/03/23 - 09:58

quaffswinegaily (Signed )1: Anything
Anything? Hmm? Just trying to imagine what 'anything' you will dream up for the two of them next. Something good, no doubt.
Sorry to see you're out of the competition.

Author's Response: it's always fun trying to dream up new 'anything's for the boys.

on the one hand, i was sad about getting voted off the island, but mostly, i was incredibly relieved.  i've learned that i do not enjoy competitive drabbling on a weekly basis - too stressful for me.

thanks for reading and reviewing.  :D
2011/03/22 - 18:06

HBAR (Signed )1: Anything
These two need to watch what they promise.  Anything could really mean ... anything.  Although if this instance is anything to go on, the benefits far outweigh the risks.  I think your competition must be fierce, indeed.

Author's Response: i think the two of them kind of enjoy their little games of oneupsmanship.  :D

thanks for the lovely review.  the competition was pretty fierce - i made it to the midpoint of the competition, which i guess is pretty good.  i just wish i'd managed to win one week, but it was not to be.  :(
2011/03/21 - 20:01

sunny33 (Signed )1: Anything
Potion... Hot werewolf... Potion... Hot werewolf... Potion...
Bugger  the potion.  (or the werewolf!)  :D

Author's Response: lol.  i believe both were buggered that day.  ;D

Author's Response: also, thanks for reminding me to post these here.  not sure when i'd have got around to it otherwise. 
2011/03/21 - 15:50

snitchette (Signed )1: Anything
I'm sure he doesn't really mind ruining that potions *wink*

Author's Response: i think snape will get over the ruined potion - i suspect lupin made it worth his while.  :D
2011/03/21 - 14:20


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