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Reviews for A Business Proposition


mick42 (Signed )1:
Nice to see Andromeda and Teddy happy.

Author's Response:
Thanks.  Canon is silent, but it seems reasonable that the family would re-unite.
2016/05/29 - 04:21

nagandsev (Signed )1:
Lovely evolution of them coming together--all coming out of the cold into a familiar family warmth--and amends being made, a livelihood being given, and care and bonds rekindled and celebrated /beautiful nuances between Andromeda and Lucius, Narcissa, Teddy--lovely work with a thrumming holiday current throughout 

Author's Response:
Thanks.  I keep thinking that Andromeda and Narcissa will reunite but with hesitation and Andromeda having to overcome resentment.  It was writtern for the holidays.
2015/12/23 - 06:25

jadecadence (Signed )1:

tonkshas a son!:-)?

Author's Response:

I'm assuming Andromeda is taking care of Nymphadora's son.  Hope you enjoyed the story anyway.

jadecadence's response: apologies,... you are a top-notch writer (and honestly one of my very favs truly), never doubt that fairfield. i simply am not so well-versed in the hp lexicon as you writers and the fact that this is being written in a more sophisticated and subtle form is no mean feat! it probably doesn't help that i was reading it with the flu and bloated mind. yet to add in more clues may spoil the elegance and suppleness. oh the balance! i don't yearn to be a writer hehehe to face these conundrums! hee

Author's Response:

No apoloies needed, the response was not intended to sound curt, and thanks for all the kind comments.

(As a possibly unwanted aside, you strike me as quite the critic - in the good sense.)

2013/11/23 - 18:56

sunny33 (Signed )1:
Nicely done.  I got Andromeda and Lucius about halfway down. :)

Author's Response:

Thanks.  The intent was to let the reader gradually realize the reason for her emotions.
2010/12/26 - 23:43


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