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Reviews for More than Brushstrokes

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ChiffonShock (Signed )18: Chapter 18: Epilogue
This was one of the sweetest stories with this pairing that I've read! I really enjoy seeing SSHG when they are both the same age, well done!
2015/08/16 - 07:33

mick42 (Signed )2: Chapter One
This should be... interesting, looking forward to more.

Author's Response: I had fun with it, that's for sure.  Thanks for reviewing. 
2013/07/26 - 00:58

moor (Signed )18: Chapter 18: Epilogue
A lovely read. Thank you for sharing!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks!  I'm truly honored you enjoyed it.
2013/05/25 - 12:30

mick42 (Signed )1: Prologue
Nice begining, can't wait untill the portrait is painted, and the fun begins.

Author's Response: Haha, you know it!
2012/11/21 - 04:46

mick42 (Signed )18: Chapter 18: Epilogue
A truely lovely ending, to a wonderful story. Thank you.  

Author's Response: Aww, thanks.  I loved writing this, and am glad you enjoyed it.
2012/08/22 - 07:04

mick42 (Signed )17: Chapter 16
GO HERMIONE! kidnap him, stick him to the chair, and kiss him into submission.  All's well ,that ends well.

Author's Response: And we can't have a bad ending.  Hermione kicking some butt in a loving way is what we want here. 
2012/08/22 - 06:53

mick42 (Signed )16: Chapter 15
HELL, trust Severus,to hex himself in the foot. 

Author's Response: He never knows when to stop.
2012/08/22 - 06:24

mick42 (Signed )14: Chapter 13
The world has been lifted of his sholders, now he can live, at last.

Author's Response: I know, awesome, isn't it?
2012/08/22 - 05:56

mick42 (Signed )13: Chapter 12
WOW! Never let it be said, that Severus Snape doesn't know how to make an enterance.

Author's Response: He is the king of entrances!  And we adore him for that.
2012/08/22 - 05:32

mick42 (Signed )12: Chapter 11
There is quite a bit of Griffindor in that man, OH MERLIN, what did I say? please don't tell him I said that. I'm loveing this story, on to next chapter.

Author's Response: Haha, he will never admit it, though.
2012/08/22 - 05:10

gersknightlady (Signed )6: Chapter 5
What a delight this story is.  I am so enjoying it.  Its a wonderful new idea.

Author's Response: Thank you!
2011/03/31 - 00:00

quaffswinegaily (Signed )18: Chapter 18: Epilogue
I took the opportunity to read your story through in a oner, so haven't left any other reviews. I've really enjoyed seeing the relationship between them develop from Snape's anger at being dragged from his afterlife, via a few hitches (I particularly liked tre encounter with the giant fruit), through to their longlasting love. So glad you didn't leave Severus in the portrait with Hermione in the real world. It would have been too sad.
Well done, lass. It's been a great read.

Author's Response: :)  Thanks so much!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Those one-throughs can be a lot of fun if you have the time.

This was really a fun story to write.  I really wanted it light and fun, and I think that came across.
2011/03/23 - 15:47

kimjo2 (Signed )18: Chapter 18: Epilogue
yay!  what a terrific ending to a terrific story! you totally rule and reign, my dearest deb.   thanks and mega mucho smoochies

Author's Response: Awwwww, you are always so wonderful.  Mega smoochies and flowers to you, my kimjo!
2011/03/22 - 15:34

esmelle (Signed )18: Chapter 18: Epilogue
Wonderful ending! Like the way you finished it with them being a portrait again. Really enjoyed this unique story.

Author's Response: Thank you!  I'm glad you enjoyed it so well.
2011/03/20 - 21:27

sliverroses (Signed )18: Chapter 18: Epilogue
Amazing! That's all I have to say. Your story was great, I just loved the whole story! Bringing Severus back to life through portrait was brilliant!
Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!  I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. 
2011/03/20 - 20:20

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