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Reviews for Avalanche


mick42 (Signed )1:
He has to have the last word, ghost or not.

Author's Response:
Indeed.  The story is about reverting to type.
2016/11/27 - 04:38

nagandsev (Signed )1:
*sigh* back as if nothing had happened at all, not to develop onwards, not to learn from a possible close call... much more comfortable and a feeling of secureness and identity... human nature--keenly touching light shed on what people will say and then do...!

Author's Response:
Thanks.  It was a cynical slice of life.
2015/12/23 - 12:12

lyn_f (Signed )1:
Love this little snapshot. Interesting how they went back to their old habits once they escaped from the snow cave. Nice job. :)

Author's Response:

Yes, a slice of life.  Thanks
2010/10/19 - 21:19

Rose of the West (Signed )1:
Wow, that ghost is as snarky in death as in life.  That's quite a story about the changes people claim they want to make to their lives.

Author's Response:

At least the ghost has the redeeming quality of downhill skiing.     It was intended as a slice-of-life about people in extreme conditions.  It's cynical, but it applies to the author too.     
2010/10/17 - 21:14

snitchette (Signed )1:
It seems they forgot their resolutions quite quickly. *sigh* Human nature! (You point out there is a ghost but as you said he is an outcaster)

Author's Response:

Thanks.  Yes, this is a cynical little tale.  I intended it to be easy to guess the identity of the ghost.
2010/10/17 - 04:25

sunny33 (Signed )1:
Well, that's one way to come to terms with each other's faults! :)

Author's Response:

In the end, they seem to have come to terms with their own.
2010/10/16 - 23:26


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