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Reviews for A Handful of Jewels

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Prisoner24601 (Signed )11: A King's Jewel
Great version of,the family you create in this universe!
2016/07/18 - 22:16

Sampdoria (Signed )11: A King's Jewel
Yup, still love these snippets with Hermione, Severus and eight daughters:-))
2016/03/30 - 05:03

breastlady (Signed )11: A King's Jewel
I do love Granger-Snape offspring.  In the real world it would be chaos, but in the magical world of SS/HG it is lovable!
2015/09/20 - 15:47

breastlady (Signed )11: A King's Jewel
Well I guess if all my kids were so gifted it would be less worry, but they sure get into a lot of trouble. 
2015/09/20 - 15:45

breastlady (Signed )10: Diamond-cut
You go girl!!! Snape baby indeed!
2015/09/20 - 15:42

breastlady (Signed )8: The Errant Italian
Warded is best for millions of reasons. 
2015/09/20 - 15:39

breastlady (Signed )6: Gathering Gems
Like puppies climing all over their mum! I'm glad the parents are laughing.  Really glad. The idea of owning 9 daughters is dark enough. 
2015/09/20 - 15:35

breastlady (Signed )4: Orientalizing
I have 2 daughters 5 yrs apart. The oldest is the other mother. It worked great until the youngest turned about 15. Then all of her teenaged angst was directed toward her sister rather than her parents who were the voice of reason compared to her sister's attempts at running her life. They are not at all a like and still have some bumps in their relationship. The oldest would die for her little sister but I don't believe that feeling is mutual. 
2015/09/20 - 15:32

breastlady (Signed )2: Causes & Effect
Have they never heard of contraceptive potions, charms, spells or plain old muggle birth control? These things can be prevented. Were they trying for a boy? Is Hermione one of those women that never felt better than when she's pregnant? She escaped the clutches of Ronald Weasley. Does she want to be Molly? I can't imagine her as a stay at home mom. Do they have house elves? I would demand at least 2 house elfs! 
2015/09/20 - 15:18

breastlady (Signed )1: A Handful of Jewels
Nine daughters? OMG!  The drama would kill a less courageous wizard. Hell, it would kill me!  And Hermione spending 9 years of her life pregnant? OMG! again! Even if there are 4 sets of twins that's 5 years of her life pregnant! Just kill me now!  I hope Severus and Hermione have a lot of money for how much it costs to keep daughters. Just the hair products alone is a small fortune. Hopefully, your proven skills as a story teller will help me see how this could be anything less than my worst nightmare. 
2015/09/20 - 15:02

braye27 (Signed )11: A King's Jewel
It doesn't pay to mess with any of the Snape family!

I've enjoyed every word of every drabble in this series.  Well done!


2015/09/05 - 09:55

braye27 (Signed )10: Diamond-cut
Yessir!  Like father, like daughter. 


PS- James Tiberius Kirk and the Trouble with Tribbles.  Love it!

2015/09/05 - 09:49

braye27 (Signed )9: False Stones
It was that no good Theodosius Wandwell, wasn't it?  Time for canary curses!


2015/09/05 - 09:43

braye27 (Signed )8: The Errant Italian
Excellent name for such an august teddy bear.  Love that Severus and Hermione have warded their home so the children can "practice magic."


2015/09/05 - 09:38

braye27 (Signed )7: Flawed Setting
Oh, I hope Aussie has already learned her mother's canary curse!


2015/09/05 - 09:33

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