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Reviews for A (Fangirl's) Christmas Carol

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pathseeker (Signed )5: Awakening
Oh, please finish this! It's too good not to finish it...
Thanks for writing it, BTW!
2011/06/16 - 15:48

mimmom (Signed )5: Awakening
please finish this!  I'm loving it.  :)
2011/02/13 - 09:46

mimmom (Signed )4: My Worst Nightmare(s)
So sad!  Poor Severus.
2011/02/13 - 09:33

mimmom (Signed )3: What's All Around You
I love it.
2011/02/13 - 09:25

mimmom (Signed )2: The Ghost Of You
oh dear.  Poor Severus.

I'm loving the story so far!
2011/02/12 - 22:46

HBAR (Signed )5: Awakening
I'm glad he was so well received by all.  Especially Hermione.  Looking forward to the conclusion of this tale.

Author's Response: Thanks!  I think all his 'friends' really needed was to see that he was sincere about being nice.
2010/01/26 - 22:46

blue artemis (Signed )5: Awakening
I could totally see that last scene.  The whole thing with Hermione was very touching.

Author's Response: :)  Thank you!
2010/01/25 - 21:22

Sampdoria (Signed )5: Awakening
I got all Christmassy reading this. A wonderful chapter, even knowing the outline of the story, I am still entrailed by this storys plot

Author's Response: :)  Thank you!  It's kind of fun bringing back the Christmas spirit, I think!
2010/01/24 - 19:03

sevibaby (Signed )5: Awakening

What a truly great chapter.  Look forward to the next one.

Author's Response: Thanks, sevi!
2010/01/24 - 17:10

Marty21 (Signed )5: Awakening

Lovely Chapter, glad he is making amends with everyone.

Author's Response: Well, he learned his lesson.  Thanks!
2010/01/24 - 13:19

Nessa (Signed )5: Awakening

Bril chapter. I look forward to last.

Author's Response: Thank you!  More to come soon.
2010/01/24 - 12:12

Clairvoyant (Signed )4: My Worst Nightmare(s)
Finally he has a clue that his suffering is no worse than anyone else's, and less in most cases.  I think you've shown him the error of his ways.  Can't wait to see how he will make amends! 
2010/01/18 - 08:50

tacdogs (Signed )4: My Worst Nightmare(s)
This is a really nice story, I'm glad you updated and are going to post the end. It doesn't matter if it's after the holidays - I love "A Christmas Carol" and am enjoying your version very much.

Also, I thought the way you have Voldemort change scenes by smashing the black ornament was a nice touch!!
2010/01/17 - 20:23

Marty21 (Signed )4: My Worst Nightmare(s)

Excellent he is getting it!  I can't wait for the next chapter.

2010/01/17 - 14:49

blue artemis (Signed )4: My Worst Nightmare(s)
I'm guessing his portrait has some sort of spell on it so that he can't go anywhere either?  This is truly a bleak future if he doesn't change.
2010/01/17 - 14:40

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