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Reviews for A Walk in the Woods

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MayavanavihariniHarini (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods
Wow, a TREE-HOUSE! *smirks with satisfaction*
2016/09/18 - 10:09

nagandsev (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods
Oh yes, Lucius, the witch isn't the only one with a need for romance - she's got your number - hehe! Humouring her requests does seem to work to Cissy's adavantage as well! A tree house *grinning* oh, yeah!

Author's Response: *grins widely* Thank you!
2011/08/18 - 07:09

MakalaniAstral (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods

Author's Response: Is it?
2009/11/22 - 06:11

KingPhilipsWench (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods
I do so love stories that show Lucius and Narcissa being romantic.  So often they're shown to be cold and unfeeling, or with Narcissa having left Lucius for France, or whatever.  I like it when they're together and actually quite fond of each other.

Author's Response: I think I've firmly moved into the Malfoy camp by now, having re-read DH not long ago. There is no way they don't love each other.

Thank you for your lovely review! *glomps*
2009/11/14 - 16:20

lyn_f (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods
Ooooh! Oooh! Ooh! I love the treehouse! *turns green with envy*

Nice description, and you can really imagine these two enjoying their little hideaway. :)

Author's Response: *grins* Thank you!
2009/11/10 - 09:31

oohdear (Anonymous )1: A Walk in the Woods
what the hell is an adjective? i can't find any in your story! brilliant, i wish my command of the english language was that good. what a great place!
well done!

Author's Response: But it is, darling of my heart. You just don't make use of it often enough. <3
2009/11/09 - 21:40

snitchette (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods
Lucky Lucius. *sigh* I wish someone would do something that nice for me.

Author's Response: :D Perhaps, if you wish enough, it'll become reality.

Thank you for reviewing!
2009/11/08 - 14:08

sara lady dalian (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods
Not without help?  Hums...  wonders who did that.  Thanks for the wonders.  Hugs and chocolates - Sara

Author's Response: Thank you! *munches the chocolates*
2009/11/08 - 13:52

blue artemis (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods
That was lovely. 

Author's Response: Thank you!
2009/11/08 - 12:01

makaem (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods
I want a tree house like that. Lucius would be nice too.

Author's Response: Yes, I wholeheartedly agree! :D

Thanks for reviewing!
2009/11/08 - 06:13

astopperindeath (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods
holy crap, this worked out so well!  i didn't know how a story without adjectives was going to work, but it totally did!

Author's Response: LOL! It definitely isn't my best, that's for sure, but at least now I know I can write without using adjectives... :)
2009/11/08 - 05:46

slythkid (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods
Would *grins like a Cheshire cat* be the right expression here? If not - *iz happy*

Author's Response: Yes, definitely, and without adjectives to boot! Well done! :D
2009/11/08 - 03:38

morgaine_dulac (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods
Lucius Malfoy shagging in a tree house. The things you come up with :)

Author's Response: Coming up with that was the easy part. Getting rid of the adjectives was a lot harder, lol.
2009/11/08 - 03:34

debjunk (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods
What a lovely place for an 'interlude!'

Author's Response: :D Thank you!
2009/11/08 - 01:06

beaweasley2 (Signed )1: A Walk in the Woods
What a lovely tree house! Carpets and everything! Geeze, wands come in handy.
Liked Lucous' comment, humoring her requests worked to his advantage!  cute.

Author's Response: Thank you!
2009/11/08 - 00:18

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