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Reviews for Arnold's Happy Day

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mick42 (Signed )1: Oneshot
So cute and sweet. I truely do belive that is all our pets want from us, just to get back a little of the love they give so freely to us.

Author's Response: Yep.  They give us a lot.  Thanks.
2014/05/31 - 08:15

Mazzy (Signed )1: Oneshot
Aw! tee hee hee

That was too cute. I'd forgotten about Arnold the puff. Actually I just realized that the puffs didn't make an appearnace in the movies. Probably best, that, now that I think on it. Who knows what type of beast would have been created to fill that niche. lol

Author's Response: No, you're wrong!  He was sitting on Ginny's shoulder on the train when Luna was passing out Quibblers in HP6.  She made a comment to Ginny on how cute he was.  It looked like a headless troll doll.  I picture them much cuter.

But I digress.  Glad you liked this little story. 
2010/02/06 - 17:42

kimbee73 (Signed )1: Oneshot
That was so cute~!

Author's Response: It was interesting thinking like a Pygmy-puff.
2009/11/11 - 10:02

slythkid (Signed )1: Oneshot
Pygmy Puff-day, today..
This is one cute story. I enjoyed it very much. And may I add that I absolutely love the thing about the Hufflepuff and the poetic license. Thank you for a big extra smile.

Author's Response: LOL.  Yeah, well, that's my mind and it goes crazy sometimes.  I'm glad this made you smile.
2009/09/17 - 02:00

BrenaMarie (Signed )1: Oneshot
Awwwwww how cute.  Short and sweet.  Awesome job.  Much Love ~ Me

Author's Response: lol. Thanks, hon.
2009/06/30 - 20:11

slasher454 (Signed )1: Oneshot
Lol!  I thought this was a Hufflepuff story when I clicked it, but I'm not disappointed.  Very cute :)

Author's Response: LOL.  That's what a normal person would think, isn't it?  Thanks.
2009/06/24 - 18:06

WriterMerrin (Signed )1: Oneshot
My goodness, that is the cutest thing ever!

Author's Response: Thanks, Merrin!
2009/06/23 - 05:37

kimjo2 (Signed )1: Oneshot
just precious!  thanks, my deb!    (me blowing kisses)

Author's Response: Thanks, as always, my kimjo.
2009/06/22 - 13:23

beaweasley2 (Signed )1: Oneshot
Really very cute. I like the way you made him seem.

Author's Response: Thank you!  I had no idea this would go over so well!
2009/06/22 - 08:15

mom7knox (Signed )1: Oneshot
love where you took this prompt!!  Thanks for posting it!

Author's Response: Thank you!  Arnold just screamed to have his story told.  Or maybe he just purred.
2009/06/22 - 06:57

silverdance7 (Signed )1: Oneshot
That was absolutely adorable! I want a little, purring Pygmy Puff of my own... :)

Author's Response: Oh, me too!  I've always thought they'd be a wonderful pet.
2009/06/21 - 23:28

braye27 (Signed )1: Oneshot
So cute, and a very nice end-run around the prompt!  LOL Good for you, Deb!

Author's Response: Thanks, Beth.  Yeah, kind of a different angle, huh?
2009/06/21 - 21:10

blue artemis (Signed )1: Oneshot
I loved that.

Author's Response: Thank you!
2009/06/21 - 20:13

morgaine_dulac (Signed )1: Oneshot
Oh this was lovely!! Truly lovely! /M

Author's Response: Thanks, morgaine! 

morgaine_dulac's response: You've just inspired me to write a little something ... gimme 15 minutes :)
2009/06/21 - 14:01

ApollinaV (Signed )1: Oneshot
Love this Deb!  You know good and well she meant Hufflepuff, but bless you for writing about another overlooked subset of the HPuniverse.  The purple purring pigmy puff.  Love!  What a cute, and pardon me for saying, utterly fluffy fic.  Happy Day, Arnold.  Happy Day indeed.  Adorable  AV

Author's Response: LOL--fluffy.  Yes, that's all I got from what you wrote.  I'm drooling too.  I'm glad you liked this.  It was funny, when I read the prompt, that's the first thing I thought of, then realized what she'd really meant.  Oh, well. 
2009/06/21 - 10:16

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