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Reviews for True Colours


JT (Anonymous )1: One-shot
I love your work (I have reviewed you once before).  Poetry is very difficult to do and you have done this so well.  Well done and thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you! I am flattered that you have choosen to review my work; thanks again! :-)
2009/06/02 - 07:21

gersknightlady (Signed )1: One-shot
Very touching, good work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much.  Nice to hear from you! :-)
2009/05/31 - 20:10

star_girl (Signed )1: One-shot
Oh Sevvy, you made me well up. Poor, poor Severus.

Author's Response: I know, I should be writing something more cheery really (but don't think I'm capable of that right now so transferring my sadness to the poor Potions master seems like quite a good excuse!)

Maybe you should borrow the hankie from Morgaine (after she's washed it of course!) and in the meantime I'll try and reserect Severus and give him a better life next time round ... thanks for reviewing though! :-) 

star_girl's response: Don't like the thought of you feeling down, Sevvy. *hug*

Author's Response: Thanks - I really needed that, bless you! xx :-)

star_girl's response: Any time hun *hug*
2009/05/30 - 05:51

morgaine_dulac (Signed )1: One-shot
*wipes away a tear*

Beautiful, my dear. And so true.

Author's Response: Thank you, my dear friend.  Have a nice, soft hankie to dry your tears :-)
2009/05/30 - 02:14

lulabelle72 (Signed )1: One-shot
"I didn't understand then..." This is something every SSHG writer, I think, has to deal with at some time. She left him there, and then when she finds out the truth much later via the memories that Harry took, she's got to live with the guilt. I'd like assauge it for her: they didn't know. How could they? He did his job so well.

Very nice work.

Author's Response: You are so right of course.  He did do his job well - too well I guess really!  And, yes, how could they have known.  But I guess that doesn't stop the hurt (if that's the right word) all of us SS writers feel for him.  JKR never wrote of anyone feeling guilt after his death - other than Harry giving his eldest son the middle name Severus of course - but I don't see how they couldn't have felt that in the strongest terms.

Thanks so much for the review!
2009/05/29 - 16:32


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