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Reviews for Confessions


Ramsay223 (Signed )1: Confessions
As an over weight person I appreciate your work. Many of us wish people would see us not or weight. Well written. Thank you.

Author's Response: And thank you.  It's been a long time since I wrote this, but it still resonates to a surprising degree.
2013/02/08 - 16:34

Melenka (Signed )1: Confessions
Sing it, sister!  You are not alone in your rejection of the self-loathing foisted upon us by various media and "experts," all of whom have a monetary stake in perpetuating the idea that people (especially women) should all look a certain way.  Not even to strive for beauty, but simply to be acceptable.  Screw. That.  People are beautiful - and yes, attractive - when they love themselves.  No ride on the diet roller coaster is going to give anyone the sort of self-confidence that lasts. 

I've been thin, even too thin.  I'm not now, and while there are still days when I struggle to accept my body, I am far more focused on being healthy than being thin.  I've talked to fat women who do triathalons.  I have a friend whose inability to gain weight comes from an illness that is not apparent.  I guarantee you she would trade her size 2 jeans for the ability to put on 30 lbs and be healthy again. 

Don't buy what the rest of the world sells you.  Make peace with the body that shelters such a strong and powerful talent as you've shown with these words.

And if you haven't already, come join the lovely women at the Shapely Prose blog.  They're smart, funny, and fierce.  I know your voice would be welcome.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing.   I was seriously wondering how this piece would be received, though the last time I posted something that touched on fat acceptance and health at every size, the reviews were mostly positive.  And I love Shapely Prose!  It's one of the few blogs that I check in on every day, along with a couple of others in the fatosphere.

By the way, I really have made more peace with my body than this essay/rant/story might make it seem; my lapses into eating-disordered behaviour aren't as frequent as they used to be, though they can still be triggered on occasion.  As for the story itself, because it's supposed to be first-person fiction, I've exaggerated some things and outright made up a few others, though I believe that nothing I've written here is outside the realm of possibility because all of it is something I've heard people talk about or seen or experienced for myself at one time or another.

Again, thanks for your review.
2009/05/15 - 22:31


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