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Reviews for Wish You Were Here


orm irian (Signed )1: a poem
Very moving. Nice job. 

I think you should call it 'True Blue" for the friendship that is the missing piece in each of the situations in the poem.  At least you should have a title that alludes to the element of friendship that would tie together all the stanzas.
2009/07/12 - 13:26

Musicmaker43 (Signed )1: a poem
I think this is a great poem. you said it was about your best friend.I can really relate to this poem, see, i am missing my best friend. we are no longer friends because of the sircumstances, but i miss her like crazy. My suggestion is that yyou should name it after your best friend.
Thanks for sharing your poem, i thought it was really good.

Author's Response: The problem with naming it after my best friend, I fear, is that it alienates people that would otherwise be able to relate it to somebody they miss. Unless the best friend you miss is also called "Lizzy", you might not get the same feeling about this as you did. Another commenter stated that it made her think of her mother, who's passed away.

Plus, although I wrote it thinking about my best friend, it's also about my other good friends that live an hour away, and somebody else who's really important to me that lives across the country.

I'm glad you liked it.

Musicmaker43's response: Well, maybe something like, "Someone Special". I don't know, but i just think it's a really good poem. Thank you for sharing : ) I know you'll come up with the right title eventually!
2009/05/14 - 08:52

mom7knox (Signed )1: a poem
Hey congrads for posting!  That is a big step.  You do a great job of telling your feelings - and the honesty of your piece is clear - it is really engaging, so that it makes me want to give you a hug and tell you it'll be okay!  Really important that you've pulled the reader in and made them care about what you are writing.  One thing you may want to think about is showing your feelings through your descriptive word choice (as you do in the first stanza) rather than telling about them.  That will allow you more freedom in your imagery - let yourself go!!  Great job and thanks for posting!
2009/05/13 - 05:31

PureBlood Proud (Signed )1: a poem
This just spoke to my heart.  My mom passed almost 5 years ago and it is like you were writing about her.  She was the one I could always rely on to laugh with me when the world went stupid with a sneer and a "cockroach" then it was ok just to laugh.  Thank you.

Author's Response: I'm glad that it meant something to you.

I'm fortunate enough that the person who inspired it, my best friend, is alive... just 45 minutes away. I hadn't even thought about the many things it could mean to somebody else, and it really means a lot to me (and my faith in my writing) that it could mean something to you.
2009/05/12 - 23:24


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