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YMlkxaivn (Anonymous )1: Waiting For a Moment
Your words have blessed me this mnroing. I was having one of those mnroings where it was just blah, and kinda wanted to stay in bed. A few weeks ago my YouTube account was completely deleted because I closed my old G mail account and didn't realize it would delete all my videos attached to that account so I thank you soooo much for your words to me today because they have humbled me and have made me realize that it is not about all the hits/views on the videos but that if it touches even just one person that is all that matters!You are more then welcome, and yes, oh course you may share the video:) much thanks! ~~L
2012/04/29 - 09:33

Subversa (Signed )1: Waiting For a Moment
I, too, lost my sister to a terrible illness.  This lovely poem made me cry.
2009/08/19 - 22:35

christev (Signed )1: Waiting For a Moment
What a beautiful poem. Thank you very much for sharing such a personal writing with us.
2009/05/10 - 13:06

kittylefish (Signed )1: Waiting For a Moment
lovely and poignant.  thanks for sharing this.

Author's Response: I would like to thank EVERYONE who has reviewed Heather's work. I totally forgot: the giant picture of the pretty blonde on this bio profile? It isnt me...it's her last really happy day before she got too sick and it was taken on July seventh 2007 (777) The supposedly Heavenly number that is the exact opposite of the number of the Beast. (666) Strange coincidence? I doubt it. But ALL works and photos on her profile are POSTHUMOUS and under STRICT copyright protection. I have her books, she wanted me to get her work out there. Thank you all so much. More of her poetry to come!
2009/04/08 - 18:02

luvsev (Signed )1: Waiting For a Moment

That was beautiful.

2009/03/16 - 18:47

Elisabeth (Signed )1: Waiting For a Moment
I'm so sorry for your loss. It is a lovely verse.
2009/03/16 - 09:48

ConstantComment (Signed )1: Waiting For a Moment
That was lovely. Thank you so much for sharing your sisters work. 
2009/03/16 - 09:36

funny music (Signed )1: Waiting For a Moment
Oh, what can you say in rewiew to that? "I like it" seems so not appropriate but I do like it and I think I understand just a bit of what she was feeling. So sorry for your loss! :(
2009/03/16 - 06:12


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