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sunny33 (Signed )3: Part 1 Deux
Custard pies... mmmm... what? Oh, yes, I was writing a review.  Got sidetracked a little.  Can't remember what I was going to say now.  That's it.  Consultants.  Hire external consultants.  OK, they cost a bomb, but they produce lots of pretty charts and handouts, and you could set them onto the recalcitrant authors to bore them into submission, or out of submission... :)

Author's Response: I am glad that you liked it, I have hired myself as a consultant! let me know if you are interested in joining, because i am crap at producing pretty charts and handouts, you could do that part.

sunny33's response: The trick is to realise that the charts don't have to make sense, because no one pays the slightest bit of attention to them anyway.  They are all just wondering when the hell they can get out of there!

Author's Response: too true, looks like you have done this many a times!
2009/02/04 - 02:49

Stefdarlin (Signed )3: Part 1 Deux
LOL!  The title made me do a double take, tee hee.  Hiring an Author?  *Gasp* I can't wait to see how this turns out.  Maybe a vegetable garden should be started.

Author's Response: well if the trip to the vegetable market turns out to be too expensive, NSS, SW_69 and Ladyinthecloak will probably have to start a vegetable garden for the rotten vegetables anyway.
thanks, much appreciated.
2009/02/03 - 19:19

sinbad (Signed )3: Part 1 Deux
Too funny, but as sure as God made little green apples, you can bet someone will take this chapter literally.  It might even be me lol.

Author's Response: Too true, hope the Godess and the High Minions do not get angry with me!
thank you much appreicated
2009/02/03 - 04:18

kittylefish (Signed )3: Part 1 Deux
this had me literally cackling gleefully throughout - starting with the title - wtf?  you are an evil genius.

Author's Response: thank you so very much, you made my evening
2009/02/02 - 22:37

Stefdarlin (Signed )2: An Author's Story
Lol, this is awesome!  I feel sneaky.  As if I am getting a sneak peek behind the scenes.  Thanks for the enlightenment!

~Stef =o)

Author's Response: i am glad you enjoyed it. thank you very much, the story of my life!!!!!!!!
2009/02/01 - 22:31

Prof M McGonagall (Signed )2: An Author's Story
Very witty.  It has that grain of truth in it that highlights the humor even more.  Good job.  It will be fun to see your take on the Admin's point of view.

Author's Response: are you an Admin?
thanks for the review, much appreciated.

Prof M McGonagall's response: No, but I've been a high school English teacher, so I think I can understand a bit about the frustrations of an Admin's job.  *grins*

Author's Response: If you are going to get frustrated with a job, then don't take it on! saying I don't get paid for it, is not good enough, at least in my view. It is like any other job, you cannot have just the good bits and bitch about the bad bits.
2009/01/30 - 18:01

Melenka (Signed )2: An Author's Story
Poor, misguided Author.  She looks in all the wrong places for those all-important words.  All she need do is use the most common, banal words, and then click on the "synonyms" feature on her word processor and replace those common words with ones that almost (but not quite) mean the same thing but sound so much fancier.  That's how all the really good writers do it.  No, really.

Also, I love her "unconsciously" rubbing her hands.  So often we do our very best work when comatose.  I do, anyway. ;)

Love the biting satire.  Keep it up.

Author's Response: thank you, appreciate it, coming from you it is high praise indeed!
2009/01/28 - 21:56

kittylefish (Signed )2: An Author's Story
ahem.  (not to be confused with AHEM!)  this is just as delightful as the first installment.  i loved the image of the poor author trawling all the different pools for the right words.  (and i still sometimes tremble when submitting my work to the Q.)

Author's Response: makes two of us! the dreaded Q, the words to inspire fear in any Author!!
thank you very much
2009/01/28 - 18:37

kizzy7 (Signed )2: An Author's Story
Oh, just found this! Perfectly hilarious. I love love love the grains of truth running throughout this!! 
~a humble, unwashed author.

Author's Response: thank you very much, i am glad that you liked it
2009/01/27 - 07:29

sunny33 (Signed )2: An Author's Story

Who would that author be, I wonder? ;)

Author's Response: have a guess!
2009/01/26 - 19:45

nata (Signed )2: An Author's Story
Hitting the mark. Again. Perfectly. An arrogant, delusional author. Mistaking beginner's faults for craftsmanship. 

(see, how masterfully I fish the ponds? *preens in rightful brilliance*)

Thank you very much for your punch in the guts.

Author's Response: you are getting good at fishing!
thank you very much
2009/01/26 - 08:28

WriterMerrin (Signed )2: An Author's Story
Oh, this exausted admin really needed this laugh today.  THANK YOU!

Author's Response: you are most welcome. wait and read the Admin's story, i hope you will like it

thank you once again
2009/01/26 - 04:15

sinbad (Signed )2: An Author's Story
I love the sarcasm.  This is a really funny parody.

Author's Response: thank you very much, i am glad you enjoyed it
2009/01/26 - 03:58

sinbad (Signed )1: The Beginning
Oh my God this is funny.  Blasphemous, but funny I can't wait to see more.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. part 2 has sat in the Q for the last 2 days, eventually someone will get around to validating it. and this with 2 Admins in the house!!!!!

Admin's response: Yes, eventually, dear Author. In the meantime, L to punctuate. The comma should have been at least a semicolon. *back to slaving in the Q*

Author's Response: Response to Admin's response
If I L to punctuate, dear High Minion, who the hell would need you on The Site??

2009/01/23 - 19:10

Alcina vom Steinsberg (Signed )1: The Beginning
That's absolutely brilliant! Great work, and oh so true!

Signed one of the multitude of unwashed authors *giggles*

Author's Response: please read part 2 and then tell me if you are still happy with the way the authors are depicted!! and don't forget I am one of the multitude of unwashed authors as well!!

thanks once again

Alcina vom Steinsberg's response: I would love to, but I seem to be too stupid to find it... is it one of the other stories you wrote? Which one?

Author's Response: Sorry it is still in the abyss,oh i mean the Q waiting to be validated by one of the Minions.
2009/01/21 - 08:55

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