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Reviews for A Gift of the Goddess

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loreen77 (Signed )20: XX: Lay Back in the Arms of Your One True Love
Oh were do I begin. It is 3 1/2 hours past my bedtime and I am sitting in bed with tears steaming down my face. This story had me so hooked that I sat up half the night reading, crying, and sometimes laughing. Thank you for this wonderful journey. For their love and their laughter. 

Author's Response: Sorry for messing up your sleeping patterns, but I am very proud that I managed to bring the emotions across and have you (as a reader) suffer and rejoyce with my charachters. Thank you so much for reading and for leaving little notes. X
2017/06/22 - 23:18

loreen77 (Signed )9: IX: His Reason to Go On
Still sobbing. The harsh rawness of his emotions is beautifully written, sad yet beautiful. 

Author's Response: *hands over more hankies and chocolate*
2017/06/22 - 21:33

loreen77 (Signed )8: VIII: Slipping Away
I am sobbing. That was heartbreaking. 

Author's Response: *hands over hankies and chocolate*
2017/06/22 - 21:24

loreen77 (Signed )1: I: A Baby? Yes, Our Baby
I am sad she will only share a sort while with her child, but excited to see this story unfold. 

Author's Response: Of all the OCs I've killed, I regret Cassandra's death the most. Should have defied the muse. 
2017/06/21 - 09:52

sweetflag (Signed )4: IV: Family Bonds
I'm so happy to be back reading your stories.  They are still a delight.

Author's Response: Hi!! So glad to have you back! Hope you're doing well.
2011/03/17 - 15:50

MrsAstoriaMalfoy (Signed )20: XX: Lay Back in the Arms of Your One True Love
One box og kleenex later...

Woaw... what a beautiful, moving, happy and sad story all at once. It had me in tears or on the verge of tear constantly from chapter 8 and till the end. No kleenex needed for the final chapter though. Even though it was sad, you instantly get the feeling that Severus is going home and that Eydis won't dwell on her father's death when her birthday comes around, but remember all the good times the two of them share.

Severus always seems to become a good father, in the stories, where he gets the chance to experience it. And he certainly did a wonderful job in this story!


Author's Response: Remind me to re-emburse you for the kleenex one day ;-)
2011/02/08 - 09:30

Tzentel (Signed )20: XX: Lay Back in the Arms of Your One True Love
Beautifully written story.  I loved the way that Severus cared for his child.  Not to sweet, but always listening and protective.  I had to read it all the way through in one sitting.

Author's Response: Thank you much! I am very glad you liked the story. /M
2010/04/06 - 22:05

mimmom (Signed )12: XII: Her Mother’s Gift
Ouch, more sad sad sad stuff.  Love the kitten stuff though.  Life goes on and it's a beautiful thing that Cassandra left the album to their little girl.

I think, sometimes, that prior to being a mother these kinds of stories might not have affected me so much but being a mother myself makes me much more sensitive to it.  I'm not sure because I can't even conceive of what life was like before kids.  I can't picture myself without my children and when I remember something that happened before they were born I feel like they were there with me, like they've always been there.

Anyway, thanks for the great story.  Need to keep the kleenex near me, though!

Author's Response: Ew, children ... *shudders* No, I'm kidding. I always say that I don't like children, but they're okay. In small doses, that is.

Do keep the tissues handy. There will be a lot of good moments for Severus and Eydis, but even more sad ones.

Cheers. /M

mimmom's response: I spend most of my time with my kids.  LOL.  I was 35 when my son was born, though, so I did wait a while.  My son is 12 now and I can't imagine NOT having kids around me all the time.  I volunteer at school, babysit other people's kids, have kid parties.  Still, sometimes when it's other people's kids I do say EWW, because for one reason or another they annoy me and since they're not my kids it's not usually my place to discipline.  If they're at my house they are required to follow my rules, though.  Not that I have all that many.  "No food in carpeted areas", "No hitting", "no damaging property (see rule 1)", "no hurtful words".  That's pretty much the extent of it.  "No whining" applies mainly to one particular kid who comes to my house and whines in the most irritating voice I've EVER heard.


Author's Response: I work with teenagers. ALL of those rules apply in my classroom :)
2009/10/14 - 12:24

mimmom (Signed )9: IX: His Reason to Go On
Wow, so sad.  Poor Severus.

Author's Response: Yes, vary sad. But life will get better, eventually.

Glad you enjoyed this chapter. /M

mimmom's response: I'm glad to know life will get better.  I always get very tearful reading, watching, listening to anything involving a child losing a parent.  It makes me think of how I would deal with telling my own child that either I was dying or that their dad was dead which is just too painful to contemplate.  It took me ages to get back to reading this just because I knew it was going to be so so sad.  Still, I do eventually get around to reading the saddest stuff.

Author's Response: I promise it will get better. Of course, it will take time, but Cassandra was a smart woman. She has left something behind that will help both Severus and Eydis.
2009/10/14 - 11:15

mimmom (Signed )20: XX: Lay Back in the Arms of Your One True Love

very good.  I loved it, though it is quite sad.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading and reviewing. It means a lot! /M
2009/07/25 - 17:49

mimmom (Signed )13: XIII: Where It All Began
Overwhelming emotion.  Poor Severus.  I avoided reading this story for a while after the first one because I knew it would be painful.  But of course, it is also wonderful.  I am glad Severus has Eydis.

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words. I am very glad you are enjoying the story. Yes, it is a sad one, but there will be happy moments for Severus and Eydis as well, just as in real life. /M
2009/07/25 - 10:27

mimmom (Signed )8: VIII: Slipping Away
Oh wow, that was way too painful.  I can't imagine having to tell my kids I'm leaving and not coming back.  Every story of a kid losing a parent or a parent losing a kid feels like a personal thing.  Too painful to comprehend, so of course this story makes me cry.  Excellent.

Author's Response: Thankfully, Eydis still has her father who loves her very, very much. They will help each other to go on.

Thank you for your kind words. I am glad the story touches you. /M
2009/07/25 - 09:20

sweetflag (Signed )3: III: Welcome, Little One
Nice chapter... I'll get to the next later... going to use these treats to help me get through study; they're nicer than chocolate and will last longer :) 

Author's Response: Nicer than chocolate ... that was such a lovely compliment. Thank you.

I am glad that you're enjoying this little story.

Happy studying. /M
2009/05/19 - 04:36

sweetflag (Signed )2: II: Scared? You and Me Both
Another great chapter.  He's going through some angst, isn't he?  They both are.  The responsibilty is immense... and terrifying.  I'm really glad that they're both so supportive of each other... of course, you've made it hard on the poor reader by letting them know how this bit will end.  Thank goodness for Nicodemus.

I appreciate angst (you may have noticed from the few stories I've written :D ), and I am very impressed with your style of writing, the flow of it, the spikes of humour, whether bitter or sweet, and the way that it never obsesses about itself.  Truly fab, my dear :D

Author's Response: Hi there!

I must say that I enjoy it immensely to have a reason to go back to my old chapters and re-read them as you read them for the first time.

I have no idea why I enjoy angst that much. I am not an angsty person, at all! Must be because I work with teens ;-)

Glad you're enjoying the story. And thank you for leaving your comments.

Cheers. /M
2009/04/22 - 02:34

sweetflag (Signed )1: I: A Baby? Yes, Our Baby

I'm back in the land of the reading!  I will be a faithful but not particularly regular reader, I'm afraid. 

The chapter was a nice reminder of what it was all like; it caused pangs, knowing that Cassandra was in her last glorious months of life. 

It was a lovely start, and I'll catch-up as and when.

Author's Response: Hi!! :-)

So glad to see you!

Hope you'll enjoy the story.

2009/04/21 - 12:01

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