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Reviews for A Beloved Tale

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Megzela (Signed )1: A Beloved Tale
Absolutely lovely- what a great concept and details! 
2015/04/28 - 23:37

breastlady (Signed )1: A Beloved Tale
Quite lovely. I'm bored as hell and wish it were longer. Happy New Year. 
2015/01/01 - 19:16

tglmoonie (Signed )1: A Beloved Tale
I so rarely comment on stories, but I felt compelled to write a review. This was so incredibly well-written - the imagery, the emotions brought out in the characters, everything - that I was blown away. Brava! I sincerely hope you consider writing your own novels, and if you do, please let me know because I will be the first to buy anything you write.
2014/12/21 - 20:25

mick42 (Signed )1: A Beloved Tale
Lovely, just lovely.
2014/11/20 - 05:58

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )1: A Beloved Tale
What happened to the poor owl? Lol. I liked your story though, thank you for sharing it with us.
2013/11/05 - 21:59

mkwiant (Signed )1: A Beloved Tale
2013/10/28 - 20:05

chris the gardener (Signed )1: A Beloved Tale
Lovely, what a great birthday gift, and a great gift to all the rest of us as well. So much story written and implied, lovely.
2012/12/18 - 04:52

woodshark (Signed )1: A Beloved Tale
wonderfully sweet story and I love the way you protray Severus, not too OOC.  Good Job
2012/08/18 - 02:01

Montara (Signed )1: A Beloved Tale
Loved it. Thank you!
2012/05/24 - 13:35

breastlady (Signed )1: A Beloved Tale
I loved it! 

It's so wonderful all the different ways those authors, like yourself, who love Severus Snape manage to find a way for our beloved Potion's Master to survive. I was so sad and angery when She Who Must Not be Named killed him in such a stupidly Un-Snapeish way. As if the genius, seasoned spy and ultimate Slytherin Potion's Master would not have anticipated the possibily he might, at some point, become a victim of one of Voldemort's favorite ways of dispatching those who had displeased the fickle psychopath.  

I was pissed she had killed him at all, not to mention all the other needless victims She Who Kills Joy left in her wake.  

I've also been around the block a couple of more times than She The Despoiler. I know that women don't stay in love with men that are less intelligent than they are, let alone a man who would hold her back on top of it.  Hermione would never be content to become so domesticated as she ended up in cannon.  Women like Hermione Granger need a man who is dynamic and brilliant as she is. She might even have a difficult time respecting a man who was not just a little bit more powerful than herself. 

I am amazed and grateful at all the different and plausable ways you marvelous writers find to bring our SS and HG together. 

Thank you for lifting these two characters to their proper stations.  Excellent job of Mischief Unmanaged!
2011/10/09 - 01:43

katielady08 (Anonymous )1: A Beloved Tale

Thank you!
2010/08/26 - 18:39

tenoh27 (Signed )1: A Beloved Tale
Lovely, lovely, thank you!
2010/04/22 - 19:06

samantha (Anonymous )1: A Beloved Tale
i really enjoyed this story. well done
2009/12/20 - 10:51

Rheenie (Signed )1: A Beloved Tale
AWWWW that was sweet. I loved how you portrayed all the emotions of Snape! A job well done if  must say. I loved it
2009/12/02 - 06:32

kittyperry (Signed )1: A Beloved Tale
Oh, that was utterly lovely.
2009/10/11 - 06:23

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