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Reviews for One Dozen Innocent Limericks


TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )1:
Pretty good, I'd have never been able to think of things to rhyme with some of these names! I particularly liked Molly's poem.

Author's Response:
Thanks.  They were written as an evening's entertainment.
2014/10/09 - 23:05

nagandsev (Signed )1:
OMG.. Limericks! Wonderful, tantalising, teasing limericks by MHaydn who is blessed in every which way by all the Muses that be--these limericks are memorable on so many levels; thank you for sharing your endless talent! Each story I click on is a refreshing new reading experience--broadening my universe--yes, in a wonderful way! I love how you take a form of verse, poetry or prose and blend it with HP canon, the possibilities of your writing are endless and *inspirational*

Author's Response:

Thanks.  This review is more than I expected from a few drabbles, but it would be nice to be inspirational.

2013/07/28 - 07:14

notsosaintly (Signed )1:
There once was an scribe named MHaydn
Whose time was forever a-bidin'
We'd patiently wait
A yearn-ed update
Or watching for reviews replyin'

*runs away quickly*

Author's Response:


There once was a lady not saintly,

Who never put anything daintily.

You could bust a brain

And open a vein,

But she would never be happy even faintly.


There once was a non-romantic

Who avoided nice boys as a tactic.

But then she said,

“They all seem dead,

And no one ever answers my fan-fic.”


Write again, ask again, my lovely poet.

What you want to reap, then only just sow it.

Quick as a wink,

We’ll have a link.

And plenty of stories to show it.


There once was an author who ranged

Over stories some thought were deranged.

But some readers were sweet,

And said, “They’re a treat.”

And for them, many more were arranged.

2009/01/17 - 17:09

notsosaintly (Signed )1:
There once was a seductress named Cissa
Whose assets rivalled those of her sisters
With a flip of her hair
And a flash of leg bare
She left a trail of worshipping wizards

A curmudgeonly wizard called Sev'rus
Looked longingly 'pon the witch's prowess
First he was envious
Then found perhaps jealous
Of the man she bathed with attentiveness

Of Lucius, the man who won Cissa's heart
No other witch could entice them to part
Yet Cissa did mach'nate
With master consummate
'Cause Lucius certainly lacked in the art

Just my    

Author's Response:   

There once was a youngest sister

Who needed someone to assist her.

Although she was married,

She remained quite harried.

To the heights, her spouse did not lift her.


There once was a Potions master

Who feared her elegant laughter.

Although he was shy,

He gave it a try,

And caught the girl he was after


There once was a desk in a study

Whose surface we know was quite handy.

With scarcely a tut,

The two had a rut,

And found the experience quite heady


2009/01/16 - 08:18

HermioneJeanSnape (Signed )1:
There once was a teacher called McGonagall
Who was afraid the castle would fall a gall;

Oh, wow, great job!!!! xDDDDDDDD Fall a gall....*Snickers*

There once was a scholar called Hermione
Who was devoted to study entirely;
But she could only gape
At her Professor Snape
And thereafter must read on his knee.

o_0 Oh my! Woohoo! Hello Severus...yum yum!

GREAT job! Completely hilarious!

Author's Response:

Ah, yes, the first one does sretch ryhming to its limits.  Thanks for commenting.
2008/12/31 - 08:18

snitchette (Signed )1:
This is very good. I enjoy it greatly.

Author's Response:

Glad you liked them.  They were fun to compose.
2008/07/28 - 15:59

Ravenswing (Signed )1:
Loved them although my favorite is Granger - the lady of danger!  Great job - I have never been the best at poetry.  I envy your iambic pentameter and rhyming skills :D

Author's Response:

Thank you very much.  Getting the meter is more difficult than rhyming, and some of the last lines could scan better.
2008/07/28 - 14:19

teshara (Signed )1:
Very cute and clever!

Author's Response:

Well ... I can live with clever.
2008/07/27 - 22:05

Katie616 (Signed )1:
Oh, wow! I just love the way you managed to rhyme everything so perfectly! I'm really awful with rhymes, and anybody who can manage to do something so well with them is just amazing to me!

I really liked the one about Molly, and the last one where you used 'Granger' instead of 'Hermione.' I loved that last line: 'And she became a lady of danger.' So. . . I can't even describe it. It just makes me feel queer.

Anyway, thank you so much for submitting these lovely little limericks for no one's profit but the priveliged readers'!

Author's Response:

Thank you.  Your review makes me wish I had spent more time polishing them.  They were meant for a few minutes entertainment.
2008/07/27 - 20:59


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