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It's That Time Again
Two years ago TPP was in crisis. We hosted an auction, and generous people offered the fruits of their creative labors for the good of the community. Generous people bid and won those labors, and we were able to pay for two years of hosting for the site.

Kyria continues to be remembered each chat night, as her donation to keep Chatzy ad-free is still going (for how long, we don't know).

Next month we are faced with a bill. We have enough left over from the auction to get us started, but we're short more than half of the fee.

What are we facing? Losing the site and everything archived here. Watching the community we've all built and the stories that brought us together--by authors who remain (and by those who have moved on)--the old favorites and new discoveries, all will be gone.

What can we do? As always, if we work together this archive and its community will survive (at least for another two years). If we can give a little--if many, many of us give just a little--we can do this.

We can do this.

We can do this.

Our PayPal Donate button (and Not So Saintly's old message, back from the days when our benefactress was able to support the rising cost of servers herself) is here: http://thepetulantpoetess.com/donation.php
(The Admin Team - 2013/03/01 - 12:26PM)

Reader's Comments

Not sure if you want to make this public, but how much does it cost to keep this site up per year?
[ jawy (2013/03/01 - 12:37PM) ]

The most economical way is to pay up-front for two years, which comes to just under $1300. The site name is renewed every three years, and I don't know how much it is, but shouldn't be a lot—probably around $30 max I would imagine. The chatroom, which if we don't pay for it not only contains ads but also limits participants to ten individuals, we paid $100 two years ago, and it's still running, but as it goes by data usage, we have no real clue how much longer that will last.

Hope that answers your question.
[ karelia (2013/03/01 - 12:53PM) ]

It does, thank you!
[ jawy (2013/03/01 - 12:55PM) ]

It may be prudent to do some shopping around for other prices; I don't know how much bandwidth you use but I know my domain does not cost that much ot renew.  Also, if you are so inclined, there are inexpensive and/or free chatrooms out there that don't have such a limitation, or you can always go to the standby of IRC. ;)  
Having said that, what I really wanted to post about was this: some people are finding that their PayPal accounts are shut down when they take donations for things, so you may want to check and make sure you're not going to have that problem. I would hate to see that happen.
[ cmwinters (2013/03/02 - 07:09AM) ]

Just mada a small donation to keep the site going, please let me know if it goes thru!!  THANKS!!
[ Becky (2013/03/02 - 10:07AM) ]

Thank you, Becky! Got it!
[ karelia (2013/03/02 - 10:30AM) ]

I made a donation. I do have to agree with cmwinters about shopping around. Not knowing the size and bandwidth usage of the site, I can't make recommendations, but I'm involved with a fairly sizeable bulletin board that while not as busy at once was, we pay under $250 a year for 6GB of storage and 60GB of bandwidth per month with nightly backup (they have a 12GB/200GB package that runs a little over twice that price). We had to move to a new host as our old one was not really configured to deal with having a large bulletin board and was threatening to kick us off for being resource hogs. The new host has been really great and I can pass the information to you if you want to look into them. We've been there for almost 4 years now and the guy running the place is a real pro and very concerned with good customer service.
[ phoenix (2013/03/02 - 08:16PM) ]

cmwinters and phoenix, I agree overall. I do know, though, that when NSS shopped around a few years ago, this was the best deal for the size of TPP, and considering that we are almost never down, I tend to agree.

That said, we probably will look at options before the next payment is due in two years.
[ karelia (2013/03/03 - 03:33PM) ]

Another potential problem finding a new host is that not many nowadays allow installing a particular version of php (I think it's version 4). We cannot upgrade to a later version because it would likely mess up the site beyond recognition.
[ karelia (2013/03/07 - 01:35PM) ]

karelia, I can understand the PHP would be an issue. So many tech folks want to do latest and greatest, but there are lots of legacy sites that don't necessarily want that. We were on a cheap shared server and had all sorts of problems because they weren't really set up to handle a forum (despite hosting many). We managed to find a host thorugh the sofware forums - which is hard to do in a custom situation like this. We pay a bit more than we did, but we gained stability and an awesome host. Thanks to all the members who helped out keep the site alive.
[ phoenix (2013/03/15 - 05:40PM) ]

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