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Happy New Year, Reviewers!
Let's hear it for our Top Ten Reviewers of 2012!

mick42 (821 reviews posted)
HBAR (610 reviews posted)
sunny33 (525 reviews posted)
Severus49 (318 reviews posted)
nagandsev (290 reviews posted)
jenidralph (266 reviews posted)
MsTree (260 reviews posted)
Phyllidia (232 reviews posted)
braye27 (228 reviews posted)
breastlady (225 reviews posted)

Thank you
, on behalf of the TPP admin team and the authors you've made happy, for taking the time to read and review -- it's appreciated more than you know.
(juniperus - 2013/01/02 - 12:10PM)

Reader's Comments

As an author, I want to thank each and every one of these great reviewers. I recognise every name on this list, and I cannot tell you how much your support and encouragement means to an author like me. Just knowing that you care enough to leave a word about something you liked or something that touched you - it is like food to me! (and if you saw me, you'd know how important food is to me;) 
Thank you for making me (and no doubt, many others) feel like what we do is appreciated and enjoyed.
[ TeddyRadiator (2013/01/02 - 01:45PM) ]

I was surprised to see my name on the list.  I've been so busy with work this past year that I really felt like I was falling down on the job.  These authors tell such great stories and post them for us to read for free.  FREE!!!

I am grateful to each and every writer that posts here on TPP.

Hugs to all of them,
[ braye27 (2013/01/02 - 05:35PM) ]

Dear TPP Authors, 

You are truly a gift. In spite of your own busy lives, you have provided and continue to provide countless hours of extraordinary enjoyment and genuine surcease from sorrow. In your generosity, you ask nothing in return but a few words regarding our feelings or thoughts about your work.  I hold you all very dear to my heart.

Sincerely with love,



[ breastlady (2013/01/20 - 05:21PM) ]

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