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Very Slow Queue
The TPP admins would like to acknowledge that the waiting time for review of chapters they have submitted continues to be longer than any of us would prefer.  This is because of a variety of training and RL issues, including both heavy work schedules on the one hand and much-needed holidays on the other.  We ask for your continued patience while we do the best we can with limited resources.  Thank you.
(linlawless - 2012/07/17 - 05:33AM)

Reader's Comments

Yeah, right.  I still can't figure out where to put a bloody comma.
[ cmwinters (2012/07/17 - 07:38AM) ]

Yay!  This is exciting news!  I haven't been able to read anything in the last six weeks due to RL issues, so this means I will be that much less behind when I return.

What?  Not everyone is happy about this?  *backs away slowly, then hides*

You are all doing the best you can.  I'm sure everyone appreciates all of your hard work.
[ HBAR (2012/07/17 - 05:00PM) ]

You're all doing a great job. Don't let anyone tell you differently. 
[ morgaine_dulac (2012/07/18 - 03:11AM) ]

I agree with HBAR: you are doing the best that you can and some writers - whistles innocently - should learn to write decently... Well, at least i admit my faults. :)

[ Memory (2012/07/25 - 02:57PM) ]

No worries, we all understand.  We'll all be still be here and we'll keep the coffee hot and tea brewing
[ feisanna (2012/08/21 - 09:05PM) ]

I agree with Ms Dulac - You do a great job. We do appreciate all that you do for us. And to echo Memory's sentiments, I wish with all my heart that I could lighten the load for you by learning where to stick a comma.
[ hexgirl (2012/08/28 - 02:43PM) ]

you all do the best you can... i appreciate all the hard work ..and promise to stay loyal and wait patientlyhugs and chocolate!!!
[ faula_tara (2013/02/13 - 07:35PM) ]

You do a wonderful job, and I hope you know how much it is appreciated, I recently tryed to read a story on fanfic, I gave up in the end, it was so bad it was like a crack-fic, but the "author" was not joking. So keep up the good work, it's worth the wait.
[ mick42 (2013/02/18 - 09:32AM) ]

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